8 Gadgets to Help Burglar Proof Your Home for the Holidays

Written by | Updated December 1, 2016


The holidays are a time for family, sharing and preparing for a new year, not recovering from a burglary. Take action this season and protect your home against property crimes. Nothing puts a damper on the holidays like a home burglary. Here we’ve put together a list of gadgets that will ensure you get exactly what you asked Santa for!

1. Magnetic Wireless Home Door Window Security Alarm

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This adhesive, magnetic sensor detects entry whether you are in or out of your home. Its incredible convenience combined with its versatile installation from doors to windows will make this security alarm a must have for the holidays. Not only does it deter burglars but it is also repels dust and and insects.

2. Motion Detecting Lights

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These motion detecting lights are great for your patio, deck, driveway, stairs, wall or garden. Completely weather-proof and solar powered, these lights will become a staple for your home all year long. With a 120 degree sensing angle and 100 lumens of light from 6 LED bulbs, it’s an effective and affordable security light.

3. Arlo Smart Home Security Cameras

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Choose the kit that best fits your needs, these cameras see it all. From indoor to outdoor security and its night vision capabilities, you’ll thwart off intruders with these HD cameras you can monitor from your smartphone. If you’re traveling or simply out and about with your family you can keep an eye on your home and immediately take action if an intruder comes along.

4. Yardlock Keyless Wood Gate Combination Lock

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Protecting your home means protecting the property you live on as well. Keep burglars at bay with this automatic combination lock for your fence. Installable at any height, it locks from both sides to ensure you keep intruders out.

5. Fake TV


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Rather than scaring away intruders through a protective alarm system, try giving the illusion that you are at home with a Fake TV. Simulating the light of a 27” LCD TV tricks outsiders into thinking that you are home and merely consumes the power of a night-light.

6. Intermatic Lamp and Appliance Timer

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Under a similar facade as the Fake TV, this device allows you to set lamps and appliances on a timer so they turn on at certain time every day. This is great for the travelling family or simply to turn your Christmas tree on throughout the season. Kill two birds with one stone, hook up your tree and icicle lights to the timer and keep the intruders away.

7. Gorilla Box, Parcel Locking Box

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Sending and receiving gifts is a part of the season and thieves are well aware. Avoid having your packages swiped with this parcel box that automatically locks after a package is delivered. It’s heavy duty and has multiple mounting possibilities but it’s greatest strength is the piece of mind it’ll give you this season.

8. Rex Plus Electronic Watchdog

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Plug this device into any electrical outlet inside your home where you want to detect movement and let your “watchdog” scare away any intruder. The barking becomes more frequent the closer the intruder gets to the dog alarm. Pick from its many setting to optimize the kind of protection you need for your home.

Written by Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown is a home automation and community safety consultant for SafeWise.com. She enjoys writing helpful tips and in-depth reviews. Sarah believes that through entertainment, technology and the written word, we can all stay connected to each other and create a safe environment out in the ether. Learn more

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