Get Maximum Security at Home With These Extreme Products

Written by | Updated June 30, 2015


Remember the days of moats filled with crocodiles and booby-trapped tombs? While you may not need to go quite that far to protect your home, you can still step up your safety game with these cool products that add an extra layer of defense to your home security plan.

Check out these extreme security solutions listed below and make your house the safest on the block.

Electric Fence



It may not be new, but it’s certainly effective. If you like the idea of a moat, the electric fence is the modern version. When it comes to perimeter security, you can’t do better than a fence that thwarts criminals with a jolt of electricity. This is a solution that keeps burglars from ever stepping foot on your property. And don’t worry about your home looking like a prison – there are plenty of attractive designs that keep your home looking like a home, even though it now has security akin to Fort Knox.

Reinforced Doors

The first line of defense for most homes is a solid door, locked tightly against those you don’t want to let in. But regular doors can still be vulnerable. Give the doors in your home super powers with kick-proof reinforcements. Reinforcements that you can easily install in about 30 minutes are available to bolster the strength of your door’s frame, jamb, and kick plate. Products like this door reinforcement kit (Amazon) will make your average door as strong as concrete, and much more likely to keep you and your home safe.

Bulletproof Windows



Why not give your home some protection you’d think you’d find at the house of James Bond or Jason Bourne? Believe it or not, bulletproof windows and doors are available for your home, condo, or apartment. Windows can be considered one of the most vulnerable entry points of your home, so it makes sense to augment their strength and durability. And bulletproof windows stop more than bullets – they’re also nearly impossible for the bad guys to breach.

Home Security Command Center

Create your own security headquarters (Amazon) where you can see everything that’s happening on your property at any time. Install a networked system of video surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and silent alarms that will let you know the minute someone sets foot on your property. You can use your laptop and smartphone to give you remote access to video and alarms, making sure your home is always under watch, no matter where you are.

Fog Blaster


Image: Flash Fog Facebook Page

Instead of settling for solutions that do nothing to stop intruders, add something that will actually stop them in their tracks. A blast of fog that’s triggered when an alarm is tripped will knock intruders right off their feet. And the addition of a strobe light helps to disorient intruders, giving you time to clear out and wait for the police to get there to apprehend the would-be thieves.

Pepper Spray Booby Trap


There are a variety of pepper spray systems available to help protect your home. These systems work like a normal alarm, but instead of setting off a loud sound when triggered, the thief receives a dose of pepper spray right to the face. This will give you a chance to get everyone to safety and call in the cavalry.

Tripwire Alarm

Who says extreme home security has to be high-tech? Tripwires are tried-and-true and a great way to foil a would-be burglar. You can go old-school (Amazon) with actual tripwire that will cause an intruder to stumble and fall, or use a laser tripwire alarm (Amazon) that alerts you when someone steps across the laser. Either way, you gain the element of surprise which gives you the upper hand.

We know your family’s safety is your first priority. That’s why it’s worth checking out radical ways to keep your home and valuables protected.

Which extreme home security method are you ready to try?

Written by Rebecca Edwards

Rebecca has honed her safety and security skills as both a single mom and a college director. Being responsible for the well-being of others helped her learn how to minimize risk and create safe environments. Learn more

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