Guard-A-Kid is a Parent`s Best Friend

Written by | Updated May 31, 2013

If you haven`t developed your own family emergency plan for when a child or loved one goes missing, Guard-A-Kid has extremely helpful state-of-the-art software and technologies to help organize your family`s personal information, medical records, and even property receipts. Guard-A-Kid is a child identification company whose safety products include a wireless child locator, Smart ID stick, the Smart ID EMS, and Mobile Child ID. You can learn more about and purchase these safety products here.

Because a single child I.D. card is not enough to find a missing child, the company offers parents two wallet-sized printed child I.D.s, a large file-sized child I.D., a CDROM and a Guard-A-Kid Mobile ID that allow parents or guardians to store their children`s information on their cell phone for faster response times.

Take a look at this video that walks you through the usefulness of Guard-A-Kid`s safety products in the event that one of your family members goes missing. Also, you`ll notice that for the month of May Guard-A-Kid is providing a free, simple ID card for anyone that wants to download it.

Written by Elli Bishop

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