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Home Automation Gifts for Father’s Day

Father's Day Home Automation

Pop. Father. Old Man. Daddy. There are a lot of names for dads. No matter what loving name you call yours, make sure to treat him well this Father’s Day. Below, you can check out some of the coolest home automation and smart products out there—from car starters to smart outlets to pocket projectors and more—that can make your dad feel like the most special man in the world.

1. WeMo Maker™

List price: $79.99

Find it on Amazon 

This little home automation device is incredible. By plugging it into a smartphone and downloading the app, your Dad can control his sprinkler system, crockpot, lights, coffee maker, thermostat, and other appliances from the palm of his hand. Have him set schedules to turn electronics on at certain times and check in on his home while he’s away. It will instantly upgrade your dad’s life and give him nearly limitless smarthome capabilities.


  • Plugs In. You won’t need to install this device. It plugs into your smartphone.
  • Affordable. For a home automation adapter that does this much, it’s pretty cheap. It only costs $79 on Amazon.
  • Additional Products. WeMo makes a couple different switches too with cool functions.
  • Works With Most DC Switch Devices. If your electronics have a DC switch, they probably will work with WeMo.


  • More Accessories For More Function. You’ll need to buy additional sensors to allow for more advanced functions.

2. Amazon Echo

List price: $179.99

Find it on Amazon

Is your dad master of the house? Give him a loyal subject that can do everything from play music to tell him the weather. Amazon Echo is one of the first audio players of its kind that operates by voice command. You can ask it questions, tell it to play certain stations, and listen while its voice operating system, Alexa, responds. It also has home automation functions and can control lights, temperature, and more through compatible devices like WeMo. It’s a seriously great gift idea for your dad this Father’s Day.


  • 360 Degree Audio. Since this is cylindrical, it plays music in all directions.
  • Home Automation. Amazon Echo adds a whole new element of home automation to your house by controlling lights, switches, thermostats, and more. It’s compatible with WeMo, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Insteon, Nest, and ecobee smart home devices
  • Portable. Your dad can transport this small device from the man cave to the living room to the bedroom without much trouble.
  • Voice Recognition. Much like Siri, Amazon Echo is voice activated with a system called, “Alexa.” You can talk to her, ask her questions, and she will respond in a human voice.
  • Robot Secretary. Amazon Echo is kind of like a secretary. You can tell it to mark down chores like “buying more paper towels,” and ask Alexa about your commute.


  • Expensive. You’ll spend about $180 on this device.

3. Viper Smart Start System VSS4000

List price: $219.99

Find it on Amazon, or customize it through Viper

If your dad loves cars, give him one heck of a cool auto accessory for Father’s Day. The Viper Smart Start System allows your dad to control his car from his phone. He can turn it on, blast the heat, or pump the air conditioning so it’s perfect when he gets in. He can also lock and unlock it from afar.


  • Smart. Control your car’s ignition, locking, and temperature from an app on your smartphone.
  • Add-On Security. You can buy a security package from Viper with this device. If your dad’s car is one of his babies, he’d love a gift that would keep it safe.


  • Price. On Amazon, this costs $200 with shipping.

4. Harmony Ultimate Home Remote

List price: $349.99

Find it on Amazon

Universal remote controls used to control the VCR, DVD player, and TV. Now, you can buy Logitech’s Harmony Ultimate Home Remote and control even more. If you have Nest, Sonos, Roku, Philips hue, or other compatible devices, you can control them all from this remote and app. While you’re watching a movie, turn down the lights. If you’re taking a nap and are too cold, turn up the heat. Your dad won’t have to move a muscle to enjoy ultimate convenience and technological advancement.


  • Home Automation. Let Dad control your TV, gaming system, thermostat, and lighting all from one device.
  • Closed Cabinet Control. This remote will still work through closed doors.
  • Touch Screen. Control everything from a touch screen.
  • App. Use your phone as the remote.


  • Very Expensive. It retails for $350

5. Touchjet TP80WUS Pond Smart Touch Projector

List price: $599

Find it on Amazon

This isn’t a home automation product, but it is quite smart. The Touchjet projects videos and streaming content onto any flat surface. Then, it acts as a touch screen through the projection. If your dad is an on-the-go type of guy and likes to take his technology with him, this is an awesome gift idea—albeit, an expensive one.


  • Portable TV. This little projector can project movies, videos, and streaming TV onto any flat surface.
  • Touch Screen. The projection acts as an interactive screen. You can touch the projected image and control functions.
  • Built-In Google Play. This comes with built-in WiFi and streaming services.


  • Very Pricey. Unless you catch a sale, this retails for $599.

6. Foobot Air Quality Monitor

List price: $199

Find it on Amazon

Your dad’s home is his castle, but does he know home air quality is often eight times more polluted than the outdoors? To help keep Dad healthy and happy in his kingdom, try giving him this smart air quality monitor. It’ll help identify air pollution sources and keep the entire family in better health. Plus, it can all be controlled by a smartphone and deliver real-time alerts.


  • Healthy. Foobot helps alert you if your home’s air is unhealthy, so you can pop in a few extra plants, replace air filters, or open some windows.
  • Smart. Control this from your IOS or Android smartphone through an app.


  • Expensive. This costs $199.

If you’re reading this post, your dad is one lucky guy. Make him feel special this Father’s Day by getting him some of these great gift ideas above. If you didn’t’ see anything that struck your fancy, you can always explore other options like home security systems and car alarms. The choice is up to you!

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