Home Security and Automation Trends for 2014

Written by | Updated December 24, 2013

There are some clear trends are emerging for 2014 in both the home security and home automation markets.

Here’s a comprehensive look at three growth developments we expect to encounter in the upcoming year.

Home Healthcare Marketplace

Fueled by an aging population and the acceptance of home-based healthcare from private and government insurers, the wireless home healthcare marketplace is expected to get serious marketing attention in 2014. In fact, the mobile healthcare marketplace is expected to reach $26 billion by 2017, which represents a rate of growth in excess of 61 percent.

Wireless medical devices are becoming more popular as physicians and other healthcare providers can remotely monitor home-based patients’ vital statistics, sleep patterns, exercise routines, as we all remotely dispense medicine and check on the overall health and wellbeing of their patients.

ADT is already offering some of these services; expect to see the emergence of remote-monitoring products and services from additional providers starting in 2014 and trending upward for the next several years.

Home Security Fuels Home Automation

Everyone knows the value of a security system adds to protecting your home and now there’s a way to take it one step further. Advances in technology have led to the emergence of home automation, which is offered by many trusted security providers, like ADT and Vivint. Home automation trends for the foreseeable future will be marketed directly to home security owners with a focus on convenience and a more well-rounded security experience available at an affordable price.

Convenience and Savings: Homeowners currently using monitored home security systems can benefit not only from the automation of accessing their systems from their mobile devices, but also taking their systems one step further. Smart thermostats that can turn the temperature up or down based on your habits as well as a way to save you money during peak hours, are popping up in more homes and are including in some home automation packages.

Availability: Mainstream acceptance of professionally monitored home security technology, and the overall concepts and ideas of home automation, have already resulted in the availability of more products for less. Don’t be surprised if you see more advertisements for these helpful services in 2014.

Everything Mobile

Home security and home automation will continue to place an emphasis on the value of mobile apps, whether pre-developed by security and automation companies designed to work with their products, or custom solutions created by smaller service providers.

Marketplace drivers in 2014 will include the ability to control the various systems in your home no matter where `wp_posts`.siteID = 24580 AND you are in the world. As personal incomes rise and more tech-savvy individuals retire from the workplace, the freedom to leave home while maintaining absolute control over their homes will play a significant role in the growth of mobile security and automation solutions.

Stand-alone apps, designed to work with a wide range of home automation devices like furnaces, air conditioning systems, kitchen appliances, and lighting systems are expected to gain a foothold in the marketplace. This growth will be bolstered by the sheer number of controllable products lining the shelves at home improvement stores across the country.

Home security and home automation marketplaces have never been more exciting, or capable of delivering so many added values to consumers. There’s every reason to be optimistic about the growth and advancements in both businesses in 2014.

Written by John Roskelley

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