Honeywell Announces Rewards for Saving Energy

Written by | Updated October 22, 2013

Last week, Honeywell announced that its full line of Wi-Fi enabled thermostats enables homeowners to connect with their utilities and receive rewards for cutting down on electricity use.

“The same technology people purchase today to lower their heating bills can pay extra dividends in the summer months,” Tony Uttley, general manager of Home Comfort and Energy Systems at Honeywell, said in a press release. “Honeywell can easily link homeowners to these additional savings.”

These demand response programs are structured so customers are rewarded for raising their home a couple of degrees on the hottest days of the year when electrical plants are running at max capacity, saving energy and easing the workload of these plants. The programs also help keep power on during heat waves.

Customers can get rebates for installing a Honeywell thermostat and connecting to a demand response program. Honeywell has already added the ability to connect to the programs in its Wi-Fi 7-Day Touchscreen Thermostat. Honeywell estimates that by early next year all of their Wi-Fi thermostats will be able to connect to this.

According to Honeywell’s press release, “if just a quarter of U.S. homes with central air conditioning joined these programs, the country could cut the demand for energy by almost 19 gigawatts—equivalent to the generation capacity of nearly 250 of the power plants utilities rely on to meet peak electricity needs.”

Written by Jenna Black

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