How Keyless Door Locks Can Fit Into Your Lifestyle

Written by | Updated March 24, 2015

Modern technology, particularly mobile devices, takes keyless door locks to the next level. They may sound like a futuristic feature that is out of your budget, but trust us – these are affordable locks that you just might not want to do without.


With keyless door locks, you no longer have to search your pockets or fumble around in your bag to find your keys. Instead, you can unlock the doors with your mobile device or press the button on your key fob before you even get out of your car. This is especially helpful if you have grocery bags in your hands and can’t dig through your purse to find the house key. We all know your cell phone is more likely to be in your hand anyway.

Keyless door locks can help if you’re concerned about being alone outside for too long, especially in the dark. Also, if it’s storming or freezing cold, you’ll get into the warm, dry house quicker by not having to dig for your keys.


Having keyless entry to your home means you no longer have to hide a key under the doormat or somewhere outside your home. A hidden key is often one of the first things a potential intruder will look for to find an easy way to break into your home. Also, if you lose your keys and are worried someone can find them and try to break in, keyless door locks help ensure this won’t happen.

Helpful When You’re Not Around

Keyless door locks can let people in and out of your home when you’re not around. ADT Pulse® Door Locks let you use your mobile device to check to make sure your doors are locked, as well as unlock them remotely. If you’re still at work and need to let your kids in when they come home from school, you can use your mobile device to open your door locks and then lock them again once your children are safely inside. You can even set your ADT Pulse® system to send you notifications when someone locks or unlocks your door.

When you have a babysitter or neighbor coming over to stay with your children while you are out, keyless door locks connected to your mobile device make it easy to know who is going into your home and when. You could also let in your dog walker who might come while you’re on vacation. You ensure your pet gets the care she needs even when you are away, while still keeping your home secure. VivintSky even lets you personalize your locks so you can program them to lock automatically when you’re arming your security system.

As a convenient, safe, and handy tool when you’re not at home, keyless door locks are one option you may consider integrating into your home security system. With keyless door locks, never again do you have to fumble for or worry about the keys to your home.

Written by Carolyn Heneghan

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