How Much Does Protect America Cost?

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Protect America Price Breakdown

Protect America Home Security Price Breakdown

Consumers are increasingly looking for affordable plans when it comes to home security systems. In addition to low monthly fees, they want equipment options for their homes, condos, or apartment units. When choosing a new security company to work with, potential customers search for economical plans that are flexible and easy to understand.

Protect America Home Security

Protect America Home Security is known for offering its customers affordable monthly rates. Customers favor this home security company largely due to the convenience, service options, and general lack of fees associated with its plans. The company’s security cameras and other components are manufactured by General Electric, and they come with a lifetime equipment warranty. Should any piece of equipment stop working or become disabled at any time, it will be replaced at no cost to the subscriber.

Access From Smart-phone or Mobile Device

Customers can access their home security system with their cellphone or any tablet with broadband Internet service. It doesn’t matter if users are away at work or out of the country on vacation — their home security is controllable via online devices. Subscribers are also encouraged to sign up for email alerts and text messages from Protect America for added assurance.

Choose Monitoring Options for Home and Property

Unlike companies that only provide one security option, Protect America offers its customers a chance to select the monitoring option that works best for their home and personal level of comfort with new technology. Subscribers can reach their monitoring control pad through an online broadband connection, on a wireless smartphone, or in person.

No Need to Purchase New Equipment

For new subscribers who already have home security equipment in their homes, Protect America will work to incorporate — with upgrades, if necessary — these components into their monitoring system. If a subscriber does augment their current system, any new Protect America equipment is covered by the “Lifetime Replacement Parts Warranty.”

Wireless Systems

With Protect America plans, a guaranteed-for-life, GE-manufactured wireless system is included at absolutely no charge to customers. Because the system is wireless, customers won’t have to worry about hiding external wires or drilling holes in interior walls. This is advantageous for renters and homeowners who wish to preserve the look of their home décor.

Track Vehicles With GPS

GPS tracking allows subscribers to follow their vehicles in real time from their mobile device or keychain remote. This is an effective method for monitoring teenage drivers or aging parents who get behind the wheel. In the event that a user’s automobile is lost or stolen, the GPS system is able to locate the car to aid local law enforcement authorities and state police.

Protect America Security No-Cost Installation Option

As a leader in low-cost home security, Protect America offers new customers a self-installation option to avoid the standard $199 installation fee. Self-installs are easily accomplished with a telephone call to one of Protect America’s installation team members. The overall setup is time efficient and simple to understand, and security team representatives are able to walk users through the process, step by step, with excellent results.

Protect America Package Deals

Protect America’s packages come in a variety of price ranges and are referred to by a color code of precious metals.

Copper – at $19.99 per month

The Copper plan is a great option for subscribers on a budget.

  • Three window or door sensors
  • One motion detector
  • One control panel
  • One sign for exterior premises
  • Three Protect America stickers for doors or windows

Bronze – at $35.99 per month

The Bronze plan gives subscribers several room sensors and additional means of exterior advertising.

  • Six window or door sensors
  • Three Protect America stickers for doors or windows
  • One control panel
  • One motion detector
  • One sign for exterior premises

Silver – at $37.99 per month

The Silver package is best suited for those with smaller homes.

  • Nine window or door sensors
  • Three Protect America stickers for doors or windows
  • One control panel
  • One motion detector
  • One sign for exterior premises

Gold – at $39.99 per month

The Gold package is beneficial for those with larger houses that feature multiple windows.

  • Eleven window or door sensors
  • Three Protect America stickers for doors or windows
  • One control panel
  • One motion detector
  • One sign for exterior premises

Platinum – at $42.99 per month

The Platinum package contains the maximum number of sensors for more expansive homesteads.

  • Fourteen window or door sensors
  • Three Protect America stickers for doors or windows
  • One control panel
  • One motion detector
  • One sign for exterior premises

Additional Equipment

These components are available at individual rates, per chosen monthly package, for those customers who wish to further customize their current security equipment:

  • Touchscreen Control Hub
  • Control Panel
  • Talking Wireless Keypad
  • Door/Window Sensor
  • Interior Motion Detector
  • Portable Key Fob
  • Garage Door Sensor
  • Glass Breakage Sensor
  • Smoke & Air Quality Sensor
  • Flood Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • WiFi Security Camera
  • Medical Alert System Pendant
  • Solar Powered Exterior Signage

Professional Tips to Maintain Security and Save Money

Subscribing to a package that includes cellular service is well advised by professionals in the security industry. Utility outages can be caused by weather and other local emergencies. It is also common for intruders to cut the telephone lines either before entering a house or after they’ve entered the property. While this approach does not allow a subscriber to take advantage of the lowest rate packages, it is still possible to save money by selecting the Self-Installation option.

*Pricing, equipment and offers are accurate at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Please contact a representative for the most current information.

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