How Much Does Scout Alarm cost?

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Scout Price Breakdown (1)

Home security is one of the most important things you can provide for yourself and your family. Formerly, this was only achieved with the assistance of private security companies that were expensive and often exclusive to a geographic range. To work with one of these organizations was to sign a long-time contract, pay for costly installation and removal fees.

Scout Alarm

Scout Alarm Systems offer flexibility combined with affordability. This includes homeowners, condo residents and apartment renters. Because Scout Alarms utilize wireless equipment, there is never a hassle installing or removing it from your living space. To start, all it takes is an easy-to-expand contract with Scout and a set up that is virtually tool free. Most importantly, this protection comes with a maximum of control and a wide variety of options to choose from.

Free DIY Installation is Easy and Convenient

Scout Alarm Systems takes away the worry and inconvenience of having someone enter your home. There is no reason to take off work, or feel uncomfortable about a stranger ironically entering the very same house you are trying to protect. Their Scout Alarm equipment takes no tools to install and requires no complex hard wiring. Customers easily install their own hubs, door panels and motion sensors with instruction as needed.

Features found in all Scout Alarm Packages

While there are packages at different price points, certain standard features are provided with every Scout Alarm System. These include the benefit of Security Monitoring and Access from Mobile Devices. It is easy to see what may be occurring at your home while you are away at work or play. In addition, your alarm system has a one year warranty and no annual contract to have to renew. Should you not find the Scout Alarm System to meet your individual needs, their Money Back Guarantee is consumer friendly and reassuring.

Scout Alarm Packages

Always On $9.99 a month

Scout’s “Always On” package is their most popular, no doubt due to its economical rate and a myriad of impressive standard options. Using their mobile app, users receive push notifications, SMS texts and emails, alerting them to the security of their home in real time. This is true for those customers who use electronics based in both Android and Apple iOS systems. And although this is their basic home security system, Scout provides a 3G cellular and battery operated back-up in case of electrical outages.

Always On + $19.99 a month

The Always On + package from Scout combines the basic features of the Always On home security system with several advanced options. Many consumers begin with the entry level Always On plan, only to upgrade a short time later so that they can partake of several additional offerings. Always On + contains one essential feature that makes most homeowners feel more personally secure in their surroundings.

This package allows the security team at Scout to dispatch the local police in your area to your property in an emergency. Your Always On + package features services from the Scout Alarm staff on a 24/7, 365 days a year basis. These professional UL certified monitoring sites have access to your security feed, and work to handle situations on your behalf. They literally become your “eyes and ears” when you are at work, leisure or even out of the country.

Standard Equipment from Scout Alarm

Scout Hub $129

Each alarm system begins with a Scout Hub. This is the wireless center of the security set-up, and contains the alarm sensors. Scout Alarm Systems has designed this device to be the central location in your home between their security team, your mobile devices and their well-trained team members. Coordinating Motion Sensors work within a range of 25 feet to detect motion 24 hours a day.

Door Panels $69

Next is the Door Panel which functions by monitoring the motion of each entry door as it is opened or closed. With the addition of a Scout Alarm key fob, anyone entering or exiting is able to disarm the alarm system with a mere tap of their finger.

Access Sensors $29

Access Sensors are also a major component of your wireless security system. These sensors monitor not only doors, but home cabinets and vulnerable window frames.

Additional Equipment from Scout Alarm

Motion Sensor $49

Their long range motion sensor senses motion up to 25 feet away.

If you’re interested in exploring Scout for your own home, check them out here.

Pricing, equipment and offers are accurate at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Please contact a representative for the most current information.

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