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How to Increase Your Property Value with Home Security

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If you’re considering investing in home security, you probably already know a lot about the potential safety benefits. But did you know that plenty of security measures can also boost property value? Now, more than ever, it’s easy and affordable to increase both the safety and value of your home. Here are three security-boosting tips that can also improve overall property worth.

Update Traditional Safety Measures

Don’t underestimate the value of traditional safety measures — upgrades don’t have to be high-tech to provide increased security. And, just like with security systems and home automation, there are several easy safety options you can invest in that will really pay off in terms of home value.

Valuable Traditional Safety Options:

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch programs can help reduce crime, which has a strong correlation to increased property values. And as former Neighborhood Watch manager Robbi Woodson points out, the program wouldn’t be as successful as it is if it didn’t help area value.

Window Replacements

Old windows don’t just let out energy — they can be weak points against the elements and intruders. Replacing older windows with newer windows and reinforced locks is an easy project with big potential returns.

Steel Door Upgrades

Replacing or reinforcing entry doors can help boost your overall home security. Plus, in addition to that added safety, steel entry doors often yield a return on investment that exceeds 100 percent.

Build a Home Automation Network

Home automation gets a lot of press in the energy savings department. And while those heating bill discounts do add up, that’s not the only advantage of smart home tech — some home automation devices can provide security and property value benefits as well. In fact, 72 percent of respondents to a recent CNET survey stated that smart home devices brought them peace of mind in terms of home security, and 81 percent of homeowners who already own smart devices say they would be more willing to purchase a home that already has connected gadgets.

Valuable Home Automation Devices:

Automated Locks

Especially popular with younger homeowners, smart locks eliminate the need for a spare key and ensure the security of your house by letting you remotely monitor and adjust the lock status. Certain locks even alert you when doors are opened.

Window Sensors

The pinnacle of DIY home automation security, window sensors can alert homeowners whenever a window is opened. Ensuring that all points of entry into a home are more secure can increase the market value and encourage buyer interest.

Motion-Detecting Lights

Installing motion-detecting lights can increase security by shedding light on potential threats. These lights can also increase safety for homeowners who leave or arrive at times of low visibility, all while increasing exterior curb appeal.

Invest in a Home Security System

Security systems are among the most popular safety additions, and there’s good reason for that. Not only are homes with alarm systems less likely to be broken into, but around 50 percent of buyers also report wanting a wireless alarm system in their next home — that’s a lot of market appeal.

Valuable Home Security Elements:

Alarm Systems

The Electronic Security Association reported that the average loss from burglary in homes with alarm systems is over $2,000 less than the average loss in homes without alarms. So while there’s no way to completely prevent a break-in, the reduced impact of potential theft losses can be a big value-booster.


The benefits of security cameras are twofold: you can monitor your children’s safety when they are home alone, and you can monitor your property’s safety when nobody else is present. Further, when used correctly and placed in ideal locations, cameras can potentially deter would-be intruders who don’t want to get caught on film. All of these advantages will be compelling for buyers — especially those with young families.

Emergency Detectors

Knowing a home is equipped with smoke, carbon monoxide, and flood detectors brings peace of mind to potential buyers. These kinds of security devices also have an immediate payoff — insurance providers have been known to offer as much as 10 percent discounts on homeowners insurance for clients who have installed and use water or gas sensors.

Most security additions can bring value to a home. But of equal or even greater importance is the increased peace of mind that security additions can bring for those looking to protect their loved ones. Start improving your home’s security today by learning more about top security systems and the other upgrades mentioned on this list.

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