How to Prevent Gun Theft

Written by | Updated May 29, 2013

In Germantown, Kentucky, a burglar recently broke into a home and stole guns, among other valuables. According to a news story reported on WDRB, a local news station in Louisville, the burglar got away with two shotguns, two handguns, jewelry (including wedding rings), and a camera. Fortunately, in this case the homeowner had video surveillance in place and was able to share the video with the local police department to help catch the intruder.

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If you’re a gun owner, it’s important to note that guns are one of the top items burglars target. Firearms are now added to the list of most likely items to be stolen, included with cash, jewelry, electronics, and prescription drugs. When guns fall into the wrong hands, it’s a dangerous situation and one that can be avoided with some planning by the gun owner. Keep these tips in mind if you have guns in your home or are thinking of purchasing a gun in the near future.

Use a Safe

Keep guns locked in a secure gun safe to prevent thieves or children from handling them. To ensure that no one gets into your safe, you should be the only person who knows the combination. When choosing a gun safe, consider the following:

Size. Guns come as small as a book to fit on a shelf or as large as a closet. Consider how many guns you have in the home and then choose a size that will fit all the guns securely and inconspicuously.

Lock. You’re looking to keep thieves out of the safe, so more than a basic combination lock is needed. Consider getting a biometric or digital lock instead.

Doors. Look where the hinges are located. If the hinges are on the outside of the safe, they can easily be removed for access to the safe. The doors should have at least four bolts, with one bolt at the top and the bottom.

Get an Alarm System

Help protect your home and your guns with an alarm system. A monitored alarm system with interactive features would be a perfect choice, so that you can receive notifications of any unusual activity via a text message or email. By putting a motion detector on the door of your gun safe, you’ll be notified when the cabinet is opened, no matter if you’re home or away.

Set up Video Cameras

Along with your alarm system, you’ll want to install video monitoring. If your alarm system doesn’t come equipped with video monitoring, consider installing a camera/recording device on the door of the gun safe or nearby. You’ll want this camera pointed at the safe, so you can easily see who tries to access it. According to the report on the gun theft in Germantown, the police were able to get a clear view of the intruder because the home owner had video surveillance in place. Video monitoring could be very beneficial to not only stopping a crime, but in catching the burglar if your guns are stolen.

How will you keep your guns from getting into the wrong hands? Tell us the steps you are taking to protect your family and your guns from a potential break in.

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