How to Use Swivl to Enhance Your Digital Home Listing

Written by | Updated September 18, 2015

Swivl can help realtors sell their listings with a DIY virtual tour

Let’s face it: most home listings are boring. You throw up a few pictures, list the price, and wait for leads to come in. It may be the standard route, but when everyone is doing this, it makes it more challenging for your home to stand out. But now you can use Swivl to add some spice to your home sales pitch.

What is Swivl?

Swivl is a docking device that holds your smartphone or tablet in place as you record video. It also follows you around the room like a robotic cameraman. The device automatically syncs with a hand-held remote, so when you move, it moves. You can also pass the remote around to different people, thereby changing the camera angle.

Swivl Gives a Virtual Tour

While Swivl was originally intended to be a virtual learning tool, its 360-degree robotic rotation is perfect for creating a virtual tour of your home. Simply mount your Swivl to the Swivl Floor Stand (sold separately), and then place your smartphone or tablet to the Swivl, and you’re ready to shoot a seamless, 360-degree tour of any room.

With the Swivl Cloud, you can edit your video and sync it to a slideshow presentation. So, if your video is giving a virtual tour of your kitchen, you can pair it with slides that show close-up photos of the kitchen. You can add details about your main selling points in each room, like new appliances and finished cabinetry in the kitchen. If you upgrade to the Swivl Cloud Pro plan, you have the option of embedding your videos directly to your home listing.

See how Steve Pacinelli from Tech Savvy Agent demonstrates it below. You can see how the camera follows him back and fourth as he speaks.


A Swivl with free Cloud ($399) is your starter kit and includes a base, marker, charger, lanyard, and 3x grips. You’ll pay $79 more if you need an additional marker and $39 more if you want a carrying case for your Swivle. If you bundle these items, however, you will spend less. You can get all of these items for $500, which is almost a $20 savings. You can check current pricing and additional products on Amazon.

While many users of the Swivl are educators and possibly office personnel looking to do video presentations, you can certainly use it to make your home listing more impactful. The results are certainly more interesting than some pictures taken with your phone.

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