iCam Webcam App Contributes to DIY Home Security Trend

Written by | Updated January 6, 2017

DIY security is a recent trend in home security, thanks to new technology like the iCam app, which turns your mobile device into a webcam used to help you monitor your home. The iCam app comes in two versions to provide the level of security you need, and it may provide an extra boost of confidence in the safety of your home and its inhabitants while you are away.

iCam Standard Features

iCam relays standard (4:3) video from a mobile device’s camera to another mobile device for instant video monitoring. Detection support and remote detection settings adjust so you can control cameras while away. When the camera detects motion, you receive a notification, and the iCam begins recording video (without audio) automatically.

The iCam app is $5 and is available on iOS 5.1+ for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, or Android. If you want additional cameras for your monitoring system, iCam recommends different IP Webcams.

iCam vs. iCam Pro

iCam Pro comes with all of the standard features of iCam and more. For example, iCam Pro also provides video playback in widescreen (16:9) mode. In addition to detecting motion, iCam Pro detects sound and, when it does, sends notifications and records video and audio automatically.

Detection sensitivity is a remote detection setting adjustment available on iCam and iCam Pro, but the Pro version also includes scheduling, remote adjustments for detection thresholds, and the motion detection grid, which adjusts to hone in motion detection on certain areas of the camera footage.

iCam app you can monitor security camera from your mobile phone

iCam Pro also connects to mobile devices without an Internet connection. It’s available for use with iOS 7+ for Apple products, but iCam has not released the Android app for Pro yet.

Pros of DIY Home Security

iCam offers an inexpensive way to set up a DIY home security system. In an era of smartphones and other advanced technology, more households are turning to DIY home security as an affordable and hands-on alternative to paying for professional monitoring.

iCam also provides the added convenience of being able to monitor your webcam on the smartphone or tablet you already carry around with you. This offers constant surveillance to ensure you have instant access to these video feeds at all times.

Why DIY Home Security Isn’t Always the Answer

Although DIY home security allows you to monitor your home at all times, that doesn’t mean that you can constantly monitor those video feeds as you go about your day. In this case, traditional, non-DIY home security systems provide additional professional monitoring that surveys your home at all times, even when you cannot, whether you’re on vacation or asleep in your own bed.

If something should happen in your home while you aren’t watching the video feeds from your DIY security system, you can’t report it. Even if you were monitoring the video feeds when something happened, you may not be able to call the authorities or assistance you need to address the situation in time. Professional monitoring provides this service at all times and alerts those authorities immediately when you need it, whether you realize you do or not.

In addition to the traditional surveillance capabilities you get with standard home security systems, many now offer smartphone access to home video monitoring as well. This way, you have the best of both worlds — professional security monitoring and personal monitoring on a mobile device.

Also, if price is a concern that pushes you toward a DIY security system, there are many traditional home security options with professional monitoring that are affordable.

If you want self-monitored webcams to help protect your home, iCam is one option. However, DIY home security has its drawbacks, so you may want to lean toward traditional home security for the optimal monitoring you need to protect your home and family. To help you figure out what service is right for you, check out the SafeWise security system finder.

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