iDoorCam Allows You to See, Hear, and Speak to Whoever Rings Your Doorbell

Written by | Updated September 16, 2013

iDoorCam is a Wi-Fi enabled digital doorbell that allows you to not only see who is at the front door, but hear and speak to them as well.

This doorbell uses your home’s Wi-Fi connection as well as the wiring from your current doorbell in order to operate. A visitor comes to the door and anyone who is connected to that doorbell receives a notification of who it is. Each person is able to accept or reject the call. In addition to WiFi, it also works over 3G and 4G connection on iOS and Android.


iDoorCam includes a webcam, motion sensor, speaker, microphone, and day and night vision. It is made of hardened plastic with a UV coating to protect it in harsh conditions.

iDoorCam is in the final days of its Indiegogo campaign, and they have raised over five times their goal. This product is a smart solution to the mystery of “Who is at the door?” The iDoorCam team plans to ship the product starting in October. Check out iDoorCam and claim yours!

Written by Aaron Gunderson

Aaron is a gadget geek, community volunteer, and father of two. He frequently writes about smart home technology and surveillance systems. Learn more

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