iPhone App Features Spy-like Technology

Written by | Updated June 12, 2013

With the growing popularity of iPhones among smartphones, there are many devices that have been launched to enhance the abilities of iPhones. The latest and greatest of these devices is called Stratus, which is a powerful biometrics scanning tool, launched by AOptix, a California-based tech company. Stratus is a wrap-around device for iPhone 4 or 4S, which comes with an app and can help users convert their iPhone into what sounds like a portable spy tool with a face, voice, iris, and fingerprint scanner.

Using AOptix Stratus

Here’s how the app works. You take a picture of a subject at the correct range, and the app can capture the details automatically from the built-in iris scanner and the iPhone camera. All these details are stored in the app and can be accessed easily. Users can also create a profile of someone using this app. In the profile, complete details of a person are registered under his or her name. These details include face, iris, voice, and biographical and fingerprints information, all stored and easily accessible through the app. It’s like something straight out of science fiction.

The app uses various aspects of the iPhone to help build a biometric profile of an individual. In addition to using the iPhone camera, voice recording is done through the iPhone microphone. Fingerprint scanning is done by the Stratus device that is wrapped around the iPhone. At this time, the system is not usable with Android phones, as AOptix feels that iOS in iPhones is a more secure platform to use this device.

Uses of AOptix Stratus

Law Enforcement Agencies
There are many uses for this device among the law enforcement agencies around the world. Due to the portability of the device, it can be used in remote locations by the security agencies for scanning and identifying individuals. Border security agencies can use Stratus for better scanning. Police can use this system for easily identifying culprits. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this device, apart from the fact that it is highly portable, is that it is highly user-friendly and doesn’t need any type of prior training for getting the best results.

Disaster Relief Efforts
Stratus is perfect for natural disaster or other emergency scenarios. After such calamities, the usual infrastructure for communication is disrupted and it is difficult to verify the true identity of individuals. With the use of AOptix Stratus system, relief agencies would be able to quickly and efficiently ascertain the identity of the individuals and it would result in their ability to give better support victims of disaster. For instance, the agencies could access the medical records of the individuals to give them better medical aid in emergency situations.

Banking Operations
Proper verification is an integral part of the security structure of any banking system. With the help of Stratus, banks would be able to provide customers with more flexible and user-friendly security verification. In theory, this device could make fraud or identity theft much more difficult, keeping your money and personal information safer.

AOptix hasn’t revealed the price of the device, saying that it is not yet for general consumers. However, the price of the app is said to be $199. It is believed that most of the customers for this device would be government security agencies all over the world. Due to the ease of use provided by this device, concerns are being raised that how easy it would become to collect biometrics data of individuals. As the basic device needed for this system is commercially available and already in use, it raises concerns about the privacy rights of individuals.

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