Know What’s in Your Home Security System Warranty

Written by | Updated August 16, 2013

When you make an investment in your home security by installing a security system, you want to make sure you’re covered in every aspect. This includes making sure the security provider will help with your system’s equipment if there are any problems.

Here are some of the most important warranty and guarantee details from the most trusted home security companies, including ADT, Vivint, Protect America, Lifeshield, SimpliSafe, and FrontPoint.

Equipment Warranty

A home security system is only as good as its component parts. Home security providers invest heavily in quality craftsmanship, solid-state electronics, and reliability customers can count on. As a result, extensive warranties on hardware, components, and accessories are standard among leading home security companies.

Equipment warranties, however, can vary from provider to provider. The types of equipment warranties you can include:

  • Basic 30, 60, 90 day time frames
  • Extended warranties for the duration of the contract period for an additional fee
  • No Questions Asked multi-year warranties on all equipment, standard with each package

One of the first questions you should ask any potential home security company is about their equipment warranty. Their answer should be simple and straight to the point, with all their options and caveats explained in plain language.

Installation Guarantee

Many home security companies offer professional installation with the purchase of a new security system. While some companies use their own installation personnel, most companies use local bonded and licensed installation partners.

Modern home security systems work on wireless frequencies, which mean installation professionals no longer have to punch holes in walls or run wires throughout your house. As a result, home security system installation is simpler than ever, with the most common installation guarantees falling under the more general “Complete Satisfaction or your Money Back” guarantees offered by home security companies.

If you’re not choosing a DIY installation option offered by many of today’s top home security companies, be certain to ask about installation guarantees and what you can expect the company to do should you encounter problems or have concerns specifically regarding the installation.


Monitoring Guarantee

Around-the-clock monitoring by highly trained emergency response professionals is the most inquired-about home security feature. It is also where home security companies invest most heavily.

Professional home security companies stake their reputations on their commitment to helping their clients who are often in need of immediate assistance. Homeowners place the utmost trust in their home security provider, placing the safety and security of their families and belongings in their stead.

Reliable monitoring companies have more than one data center, critical computing and communications systems have redundancy, and openly discuss the general features of the disaster recovery plans for their monitoring centers.

In addition to guaranteeing a live emergency response professional will immediately respond to a triggered alarm, typical monitoring guarantees are in the form of paying up to a certain amount of a homeowner’s insurance deductible in the event of property loss due to burglary. Certain terms and conditions must be met by the homeowner, and include such common sense things as:

  • The security system must have been in operation at the time of the burglary
  • All monitored doors and windows must have been locked
  • The burglar must have entered the home through a monitored door or window
  • A police report of the burglary filed by the homeowner
  • Insurance claims filed within a reasonable amount of time, typically around 60 days

Home security monitoring companies stand behind their monitoring services, as little else matters to a homeowner in the middle of a burglary. When used according to the specifications of the monitoring company, homeowners who take their home security seriously by locking doors and windows, and arming their home security systems at the most vulnerable times, can expect their home security provider to honor these critically important guarantees.

Additional Guarantees
Home security companies might offer additional guarantees and warranties. These can include:

Mover’s Guarantee: Some companies offer homeowners who’ve been with them for an extended period of time, typically a minimum of two years, and whose accounts are in good standing a new, a system if they move. This usually either entails taking the current equipment with you to your new home or receiving a new system at no extra cost.

Complete Satisfaction Guarantee: Every major home security company in North America offers some type of money-back guarantee if the homeowner is dissatisfied with their purchase, even after the company’s attempts to address the issues. Typical satisfaction periods range from 30-180 days and often cover everything from equipment costs, installation fees, and shipping costs to ensure the return of expensive equipment.

Home security companies pride themselves in customer satisfaction, and this is wrapped into guarantees and warranties. Prior to signing any agreements with a home security provider, be certain they’ve fully explained their guarantees to you and answered all your questions. To find out more about each provider, and discover which one is right for you, check out the SafeWise security system finder tool.

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