New Home Security Product, Korner, Launches IndieGogo Crowdfunding Campaign

Written by | Updated April 22, 2014

We are excited to introduce a home security system that may fill a void in the security system market. Korner, launching their Indiegogo campaign today, is a home security system that was designed to be accessible, usable, and affordable to everyone. Korner believes that home security solutions are designed and priced in a way that makes them accessible to relatively affluent homeowners with families, leaving renters and a variety of home owners without a plausible home security solution.

Korner believes it has refined the notion of home security to its simplest form, using sensor technology to create a home security system that is inexpensive and should be extremely easy for users to install. The Korner system consists of a Fob that plugs into a user’s router and communicates wirelessly with Tags. These Tags are equipped with reusable adhesive and the Tags are designed to be applied to doors and windows. The smooth design is supposed fits snuggly into the corners of doors or windows.

Korner claims that all users will have to do is apply their sensors and plug their fob into their router, and they are done! Apparently, this process should only take users 2 minutes.

Once the system is set up, users can use their Korner app to arm and disarm the system from anywhere. The app also allows users to create a Security Circle on the app. This security circle consists of a list of friends, family, and trusted neighbors. If an alarm goes off in a user’s home, users are able to immediately forward the alert to the Circle with an easy press of a button.

Keep an eye out for Korner and check out their Indiegogo campaign. We love seeing new and innovative players step into the home security sphere. We look forward to following Korner as they continue to develop technology to further their vision of a home security system that is accessible to all.

Written by Rachel Drake

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