Last Minute Tricks to get the Spookiest, Safest House on the Block

Written by | Updated October 27, 2014

From hanging napkin ghosts on the trees to lighting your freshly carved pumpkins on the porch, decorating your home for Halloween can be a wonderful tradition. With Halloween just a few days away, here are some last minute tips to make sure your home is spooky-safe.

Stay Safe by Keeping the Lights On

Your yard doesn’t need to be pitch black to be spooky. Make sure the pathway to your home is lit up and that it’s obvious which route you want trick-or-treaters to take to the door. Keep your motion lights turned on so you can be sure when someone is approaching. Replace your regular lights with blue or purple bulbs to infuse the Halloween theme.

Get Spooky with Spider Egg Sacs

These spider egg sacs from Martha Stewart look downright disgusting! If you can handle it, these egg sacs are a synch to make. Hang them close to your house and tape a few spiders around them to give the effect of creepy crawlers taking over your home.

Spider Eggs from Martha Stewart make for a spooky house

Stay Safe by Avoiding Open Flames

We’re firm believers in lighting up your beautiful jack-o’-lanterns. But with the risk of children tripping over them and (even worse) throwing them, safety calls for something battery powered. Swap your traditional tea lights for these flameless versions. And as an added bonus, the wind won’t blow these babies out.

Get Spooky with Life-Size Lawn Ghosts

If you’re looking to make something that’s big but not too difficult to construct, this lawn ghost from HGTV is your guy. You can create him with minimal supplies and minimal effort. He would look great spooking out from behind a tree or pointing the way to the front door.

Life-size lawn ghost make your home spooky for halloween

Stay Safe by Clearing the Pathways

It’s imperative that any lawn decorations you have are easy to spot and don’t interrupt the walkway. No doubt that kids are going to run around on a sugar rush, and running at night is tricky enough without tripping hazards lying around. Keeping your yard and pathways free of obstacles will make it less likely for you to be liable for any injuries.

Get Spooky with a Bird Forest

Looking for an Alford Hitchcock flashback? Create the scariest entrance ever with this bird forest idea from Good Housekeeping. Simple enough, all you need is a few fake crows, spare branches from around your yard and pumpkins to use as the base. Add some purple string lights and a fog machine for an extra spooky glow.

Bird Forest makes your home spooky for halloween

Stay Safe by Arming Your Security System

If you’re planning on leaving your house unattended, even just to take the kids trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, be sure to arm your security system. Halloween is a prime night for mischief and it’s much more likely that someone will blend in if they approach your home. So keep your motion sensors on and arm your security system to deter anyone pegs your home as a target.

Get Spooky with a Skeleton Break-In

The only break-in you’ll allow is one of your own design. Drape skeletons along your roof or over your porch like Better Homes and Gardens did to make it look like the walking dead are intruding into your home. To give this decoration a more kid-friendly approach, dress your skeletons up in festive holiday garb.

Safe and spooky last minute halloween decorations

Stay Safe by Keeping Security Cameras Clear

If you have live security cameras on your property, make sure that your decorations don’t obstruct their view. Avoid covering or blocking their lenses. As we’ve said, Halloween is a time for mischief, and your security cameras could come in handy if anything more than fun and games happens around your home.

Get Spooky with a Wreath

Want to keep an eye on things this Friday night? This googly-eyed wreath from DIY Network will help you give the impression that you’re guarding your home from all directions. For the craft-gifted, take it one step further and pair your wreath with these eye-ball lawn ornaments.

Googly Eye Wreath makes your home spooky and safe for halloween

How ever you choose to haunt-up your house, make sure you keep safety in mind this weekend. Happy Halloween from SafeWise!

Written by Holly King

Holly is a regular safety and security contributor for Safewise. In her spare time she enjoys cycling, cooking and re-organizing her home. Learn more

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