Learn How to do CPR from These 5 Hilarious Videos

Written by | Updated July 15, 2013

In 2011, The American Heart Association began the push for hands-only CPR. This campaign encouraged bystanders to step up when needed, without the awkward and unsanitary mouth-to-mouth part. We compiled six fun and informational videos that will teach you hands-only CPR, so you will be equipped to be the hero.

Arguably the most popular video from the AHA campaign- Ken Jeong teaches us about CPR to the beat of “Stayin Alive.”

This cute animated video from St. David’s HealthCare will teach you CPR in a matter of minutes.

In another AHA video, the cast of CBS show Rules of Engagement present “Rules of CPR.”

Jennifer Coolidge attempts to teach us about “hands-only” CPR, but keeps getting interrupted.

Actor Vinnie Jones teaches us how to be tough and perform CPR, presented by the British Heart Foundation.

Image courtesy of YouTube, The American Heart Association

Written by Elli Bishop

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