LifeShield vs. Protect America: How Do the Two Home Security Providers Compare?

Written by | Updated May 13, 2014

Protecting your family and your valuables begins with selecting a professional security company that offers security packages that meet your unique needs. From break-ins to Carbon Monoxide poisoning to home safety features offered by home automation, your home security company is your first line of defense against a variety of threats.

But SafeWise knows that researching home security providers is a gurgling, time consuming task. That’s why we’re here to lend a hand. We’ll compare the monitoring services and packages offered by two of America’s leading home security providers: LifeShield and Protect America, so you’ll be armed with the knowledge to choose the one that best suits your family’s needs and budget.

Options You’ll Enjoy With LifeShield’s Monitoring

In addition to 24/7 year-round home security monitoring, LifeShield offers a wealth of home monitoring options to keep your family safe and your home protected. Best yet, as a LifeShield home security customer, you’ll have access to these enhanced monitoring services at no extra charge: Carbon Monoxide monitoring, medical monitoring, environmental monitoring, and video surveillance.

Your family is counting on you to select a professional home security company, and you’re depending on that provider to be there when your family needs help. That’s why is vital that you avoid fly by night operations and choose a provider that has proven credentials like LifeShield. LifeShield has worked tirelessly to meet the stringent requirements of the Underwriter’s Laboratory, and has earned its UL certification. Additionally, LifeShield is proud to be honored as one of a select few wireless home security companies to be awarded the Central Alarm Association Five Diamond 100 percent Operator Certification. LifeShield also boasts five monitoring centers that are strategically positioned across the nation to make certain that your call for help will always be answered immediately.

If you’re ready to add convenience and security to your life, we encourage you to learn more about LifeShield’s monitoring options and products.

Monitoring Choices Offered by Protect America

Just like LifeShield, Protect America is pleased to offer its customers 24/7 professional monitoring every day of the year. In addition to burglary protection, Protect America provides smoke monitoring, medical panic pendant or watch monitoring, Carbon Monoxide monitoring, freeze and flood sensors, and a number of home automation choices.

Just like LifeShield, Protect America offers multiple monitoring stations. When your home’s alarm is activated, a signal is sent to one of Protect America’s three monitoring stations. It’s important to note that Protect America gives you the comfort of redundant back-up monitoring. That means two monitoring stations are standing by to handle your emergency should something go wrong with the signal sent to the first station.

When considering you home security choices, you should be aware that Protect America offers a lowest price guarantee. They will match or beat any comparable offer. If you have a security system in place, Protect America can assist you in setting up monitoring through the equipment you already have. Learn more about Protect America’s wealth of equipment and monitoring options.

Protect America knows that your needs differ from your neighbors, and that’s why they offer three distinct monitoring options: cellular, high-speed broadband and landline.

Cellular Monitoring: Your Protect America alarm panel is built with a Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) cellular device that contacts one of Protect America’s monitoring station should an alarm be activated. And because the system is cellular, you won’t have to hassle with wires or phone lines. As a bonus, when you select cellular monitoring, you’ll enjoy the convenience of Protect America’s SMART Connect apps. That means you can do things like watch live video of your home right from your smartphone or tablet, manage home automation and arm or disarm your home security system. Protect America is unique among home security companies in that it offers you all of these additional features at no additional charge.

High-Speed Broadband Monitoring: In an emergency every second counts. You’ll feel good knowing that this monitoring option delivers incredibly fast response time. In fact, once a secured area has been breached, it only takes two seconds for your high-speed broadband modem our router to send a signal to the monitoring facility. With high-speed broadband monitoring you’ll also get free access to the Protect America’s SMART Connect apps.

Standard Landline Monitoring: Wireless is wonderful, but in certain situations a landline is the best choice. For example, if you live in an area where you don’t have access to high-speed Internet or if cell phone reception can’t be counted on, your ideal solution is standard landline monitoring.

LifeShield Packages

LifeShield understands that your family’s safety and security concerns are unique. That’s why they offer three powerful packages to choose from: “Value,” “Gold,” and “Platinum Plus.”

LifeShield’s “Value” package is a basic package that is perfect for apartments. It offers one base, one consol, two door/window sensors, one remote keychain and yard and window signage. It’s important to note that even though this is LifeShield’s entry level package, you’ll enjoy free LifeShield mobile access, so you can do things like arm or disarm you system from any location. LifeShield’s “Gold” package is its most popular, and offers everything you get with the “Value” package plus the benefit of an additional door/window sensor, a fire safety sensor, and a motion detector.

If you’re looking for compete home safety and security protection, LifeShield’s “Platinum Plus” package delivers it. Get “Platinum Plus” and you’ll receive all the equipment and features of the “Gold” package plus a free wireless camera and advanced video monitoring. You’ll be able to view live video of your home, record video and take snapshots right from your office or while on vacation via your smartphone or tablet. Talk about peace of mind.

Protect America Packages

Protect America offers five levels of home safety and security protection: “Copper,” “Bronze,” “Silver,” “Gold,” and “Platinum.” Take advantage of a Protect America plan and you’ll never be burdened with an installation charge or an equipment fee.

Every package Protect America offers comes with one Simon XT control panel, one motion detector, three window decals and one yard sign. Beyond the basic equipment, the “Copper” package also provides you with three door/window sensors. “Consumer’s Digest” has recognized Protect America’s entry level “Copper” package as a “Best Buy” by for five consecutive years. The “Bronze” package offers seven door/window sensors and Protect America’s “Silver” package delivers the protection of 10 door/window sensors. With the “Gold” package you’ll enjoy the comfort of 12 door/window sensors and Protect America’s “Platinum” package offers the flexibility of 15 door/window sensors.

A home security system not only protects your family and your valuables, it can also save you money. That’s because many homeowners’ insurance companies offer discounts of up to 20 percent on your insurance when you install and activate a home security system. Fortify your home against threats and start saving now by exploring the very best home security providers.

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