LifeShield’s Platinum Plus Package Delivers Complete Home Security

Written by | Updated May 27, 2014

If you’ve been searching for a totally wireless security system, you may have just found it. LifeShield Home Security offers its customers wireless security technology and access to state-of-the-art equipment at competitive prices. In fact, the Langhorne, PA headquartered company is recognized as one of the pioneers of wireless home security.

LifeShield understands the importance of choice, so they offer you three wireless packages to select from: Value, Gold, and Platinum Plus. LifeShield’s Value and Gold packages are excellent entry and mid range home security plans, but if you want the most comprehensive security package LifeShield offers, Platinum Plus is it.

We’ll explain what you can expect from LifeShield’s Platinum Plus package and why we think it’s a wireless winner.

Equipment Included With the LifeShield Platinum Plus Package

LifeShield gives you the flexibility to easily add equipment or accessories to further enhance your LifeShield system or alter it as your needs change. And when you move, it’s a cinch to take your wireless system with you. When you take advantage of LifeShield’s Platinum Plus package, you’ll receive a variety of top-notch home security equipment, including:

One Base: The LifeShield base comes Internet ready and serves as the primary means of communicating with the LifeShield monitoring center.

One Console: Your LifeShield console is a critical element in your home security plan because it acts as a second layer of defense against a burglar. Should the bad guy destroy your LifeShield base, the console will pick up the signal and send an alert to the monitoring center. That’s extra protection most security companies don’t deliver.

Three Door and Windows Sensors: When you sign up for the LifeShield Platinum Plus package you’ll receive three sensors to be used on doors or windows. It’s easy to purchase more sensors if you want them, and you’ll be glad to know LifeShield won’t increase your monitoring fee if you do so.

One Motion Sensor: As part of the complete Platinum Plus package you’ll receive one motion sensor. It’s even pet-friendly so you can let your furry pals roam your home without worrying they’ll trigger an alarm.

One Keychain Remote: LifeShield’s keychain remote puts the power of home security right in your palm. Conveniently arm or disarm your security system with the touch of a button. Whether you’re dashing out of your home on the way to work, or carrying kids and groceries you’ll appreciate this feature.

One Free Wireless Camera: Hard to believe, but it’s true. The Platinum Plus package comes with one free wireless video camera and advanced video monitoring. The LifeShield camera offers you a real-time view into your home no matter where you are. Use it to check in on pets, or make sure the kids are starting their homework. Plus, the wireless home security camera can capture still shots and video clips accessible from the LifeShield website or app.

One Fire Safety Sensor: LifeShield is concerned about the security and safety of your family, so with your Platinum Plan, you’ll get one fire safety sensor.

One Yard Sign and Three Window Decals: LifeShield understands signage is your first layer of protection against burglars and they want to make it easy for you to warn criminals your home is alarmed. You’ll receive one yard sign and three decals with your Platinum Plan package.

Platinum Plus Monthly Services

For less than $50/month, the Platinum Plus package provides you with around the clock, 24/7 professional alarm monitoring that includes free fire, Carbon Monoxide and environmental monitoring. You’ll also receive free video monitoring and free remote monitoring.

Sign up for the Platinum Plus package and you’ll rewarded with free access to the LifeShield interactive remote portal that gives you the power to monitor and control your home from around the block or around the globe.

Because LifeShield’s system is totally wireless, installation is remarkably easy and usually takes less than an hour. But if you prefer a professional to handle the task, LifeShield will help you arrange for a certified local installer to do the job. If you’re ready to add convenience and security to your life, we encourage you to learn more about LifeShield’s products. And remember, with LifeShield you can always customize your order.

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