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Locate Your Stolen Bike with Cricket Smart Alarm

Locate your stolen bike with cricket bike smart alarm

Bike security has always been a simple lock. But Cricket, a new bike security solution from engineer Yariv Bash, is changing things up with the first-ever smart alarm for your bicycle. It’s not a lock, but a small device that attaches to your bike and connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Cricket is a silent alarm that will notify you when someone touches or tampers with your bike. The alarm will sound on your phone as a cricket or other ringtone of your choice. The device connects to your bike with a Velcro strap or can be embedded in a U-lock.

Another feature of this small smart alarm is the crowdsourced theft recovery. If your bike goes missing, Cricket will gather all of its users to help recover it. When you let other Cricket users know your bike is stolen, they all become sensors, which scan for your Cricket device and notify you of its location.

We think this new bike security technology seems pretty amazing, but we’d recommend pairing it with a bike lock for maximum security. Cricket is currently running an Indiegogo campaign and has almost hit its goal. Support their project with a donation of at least $39 and receive a Cricket device!

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