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Written by | Updated January 5, 2017

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Traditionally, homeowners haven’t had a lot of options to customize a home security system. Whether you wanted a simple sensor on your front door or a gated compound with a panic room, you got the same thing: a pre-packaged set of wires, sensors, and panels requiring professional installation and lengthy contracts.

Scout enters on a wave of new do-it-yourself home security systems, aiming to disrupt this long-standing market. With Scout, homeowners can pick and choose the exact features they want in a home alarm system. Couple that with a no-contract requirement and a simple set-up you can do yourself in minutes, and it’s easy to see why so many homeowners are moving away from traditional systems toward new options.

À la Carte Features and Plans

With Scout, you build a security system from the ground up with your choice of four core products. Scout also has an HD video camera in the works–complete with live video streaming and two-way audio–that’s currently being developed and prepped for market. Every system starts with the Scout Hub, a small panel that communicates with sensors and sends Wi-Fi alerts to your smartphone or computer. The makeup of the rest of your system is entirely up to you. You have your choice of the following options.

Scout alarm family of devices

Door Panel

Scout alarm offers door panels

The panel attaches to your door and alerts you if an unwanted intruder should attempt to enter. Each panel comes with an RFID sticker and two key fobs, allowing you to give access to regular visitors and other people you trust. You can buy as many as you need to protect different entry points.

Access Sensor

Scout alarm assess sensor can be used on cabinents, windows and more.

These flexible sensors monitor anything that opens—including windows, doors, and liquor cabinets—and send you an alert if they should move even an inch.

Motion Sensor

Scout alarm offers sleek motion sensors

This sensor mounts anywhere, detecting movement at up to 25 feet, during the day or at night. It’s not designed for outdoor placement, however.

Slick and Minimal Design

Beyond their custom features, Scout systems just plain look cool, with a minimal design and sleek user interface that would make Steve Jobs proud. Multiple color and finish options help these products blend seamlessly with any home design aesthetic. That contrasts sharply with traditional systems known for their clunky panels, wiring, and difficult-to-learn programming options.

smart home automation

Custom Security Plans

While most alarm systems will automatically notify law enforcement within a set time after an alarm is triggered, Scout allows you to set up custom response plans to any security threat. If something triggers your front door panel, for instance, you can set up a custom plan to sound a siren, send you an SMS notification, alert Scout professional monitoring services, or all of the above. When any notification comes your way, you can quickly decide whether to alert the authorities.

Scout alarm sends you notifications straight to your smart phone

While Scout offers an innovative new way to build your own custom security system, it isn’t for everyone. Homeowners who need sophisticated outdoor security features, for instance, may need a more traditional security system. In any case, SafeWise can help. With an easy-to-use comparison engine and a staff of knowledgeable agents, you can get help finding a system that integrates perfectly with your home and lifestyle. Head over and compare providers today.

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