Money-Back Guarantees of the Top 5 Home Security Companies

Written by | Updated January 5, 2017

Taking the time to look at the products and services offered by home security companies before you sign on the dotted line will go a long way toward ensuring you’re satisfied with the system you purchase. But it’s only natural to feel more confident about buying a monitored home security system when it comes with a money back guarantee. After all, no one wants to be stuck paying for a service they don’t feel is valuable.

When it comes to money back guarantees, there’s no industry standard. Some home security companies offer generous money back guarantees, others offer none at all. Here’s how the top five brands stack up.

1. ADT Monitoring

The “Money Back Service Guarantee” (certain restrictions apply) that comes with ADT monitoring is liberal. If, during the six months after installation, ADT monitoring is unable to resolve your installation or service problem, they’ll refund the installation charge. The provider will also give you your money back on any monitoring fees you’ve paid after they tried to resolve the problem.

2. Vivint

Vivint’s cancellation policy differs depending on where you live. Most states in the continental U.S. or Puerto Rico have up to three days after installation to cancel your service. If you live in Alaska, you have five days post installation to cancel your service. If you call New York home, you’re given five days to cancel for a standard agreement and seven days after installation to cancel service for a Panic Pendant. If you live in Canada, you can take up to 10 days to cancel your agreement after installation and if you’re 70 years old or older, you have up to 30 days to cancel. In all cases, cancellation must be made in writing.

3. FrontPoint

FrontPoint offers you the assurance of a 30 day risk free trail. You can use your FrontPoint monitored home security system for up to 30 days to decide if it’s the right system for your needs. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can return the system- no questions asked. Best yet, FrontPoint even covers the return shipping cost and doesn’t ding you with a restocking fee.

4. Protect America

Protect America’s cancellation policy isn’t as robust as ADT’s or FrontPoint’s, but it still offers you a “way out.” It’s a two part policy.

The first part covers your original security services and equipment. You must return equipment within 14 days of the original shipment date, and the postmark on the package must reflect 14 days or less. You’re responsible for paying return shipping cost and your agreement can’t be cancelled until every piece of equipment is received at Protect America. It’s important to note that Protect America may require you to provide proof of delivery. The credit card you used to initiate service and purchase equipment will be charged a $79 restocking fee.

The second part of Protect America’s policy covers additional equipment you’ve purchased to supplement your home security program. You have 30 days to return additional equipment for a full refund. You have to pay for the return shipping fee, and the package must be postmarked within 30 days of the original purchase date. As with part one of the policy, you may be asked to provide proof of delivery. A restocking fee is not charged when returning additional equipment.

5. LifeShield

You’re given seven days from the moment you activate or install LifeShield to decide if you want to keep it. Within that seven day period you can return the system and cancel your contract for any reason. You must call LifeShield at 1-888-723-8894 within seven days of termination to receive a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. LifeShield will not accept a return without an RMA number. Expect it will take approximately 14 days for your refund to post to your credit card.

As you can see, satisfaction guarantees vary a great deal from company to company, and it’s important to understand the details of a policy before you make a purchase. If you’re considering a monitored home security system, let SafeWise help you find the right one for your home and budget.

Written by Alexia Chianis

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