Nest Announces Trio of Updates

Written by | Updated October 28, 2015


Google’s Nest Labs unveiled a trio of exciting updates today – the launch of Nest Cam, a new Nest Protect, and a redesigned Nest App. Nest, makers of smart home products, design and manufacture several home automation gadgets including the popular Nest Thermostat, the security camera known as Dropcam, the new Nest Cam, and the Nest Protect 2.0 smoke detector. They focus on Wi-Fi supported, sensor-driven, self-learning and programmable products.

Chief among the announcements today is the new and improved app, giving consumers the ability to connect each of their Nest devices and control them from the same place. Nest was already making waves in the home automation field with their smart thermostat, appealing to the modern home owner with their simple design. But this announcement is a display of Nest’s prowess in the industry; they are digging deeper into the smart home business, challenging the home automation process and positioning themselves as a major player in this market.

Here’s what’s new.

The New Nest Cam


This is Nest’s largest camera improvement since purchasing Dropcam in 2014. The new camera boasts 1080p HD video viewing and a new night vision feature, and you can view your live video feed directly from the new Nest app. The Nest Aware cloud recording service has beefed up their video history options, and allows you to easily find moments of interest from your recorded history. You can still access older models of the Dropcam Cameras
from the new app, but the Nest Cam offers features like a talk-and-listen feature, allowing you to utilize your camera like a two-way radio.

Nest Protect 2.0


The new Nest Protect smoke alarm includes a sleek new App Silence feature. This allows you to silence the alarm directly from the open app screen, rather than requiring you to balance on top of your kitchen counter to reach the blaring sensor. Nest Protect already sends you a monthly safety summary and an energy report, but this information and more is now available at all times via the app. It also has updated testing abilities – once a month the Nest Protect 2.0 will test its speaker and horn, and the second generation product ensures your safety by testing its sensor and batteries 400 times a day. You can also, of course, manually test all of the alarms and features from your phone if you need additional assurance.

Nest App Updates


According to Nest themselves, “The Nest product people use most isn’t the thermostat on the wall, the smoke alarm on the ceiling, or the camera on the mantle.” It’s the app. Connectivity is what customers want, and it’s what Nest intends to provide. This is the fifth generation iOS app, but the first that allows you to control all of your Nest products from the same screen. The connectivity is impressive, and they’ve added several new features like a new user interface that more closely resembles that of the products themselves, and a video storage and management option for your camera. The redesigned app offers a new look and feel, more organization, and a place for Nest’s comprehensive product line to live. The design is sleek, and the experience is much improved. The new app puts everything you need in one simple package

Looking Forward

Nest is aiming for the completely connected home experience, convinced that consumers want to modernize their home gadgets with connected, intelligent devices. The new app, and the products they’ve released with it today, are a huge step in this direction.

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