Nest Now Sends You a Monthly Safety Report Card

Written by | Updated April 28, 2015

Since purchasing Nest, Google has been hard at work on their open-software-collaboration development program, “Works with Nest.” The company plans to add over a dozen new product partners this year that’ll allow their products like the Nest Learning Thermostat to sync with door locks, refrigerators, and maybe even Jacuzzis. One of the best new features for home security to come out of this is the addition of the Nest Home Report.

Your Monthly Report Card

Nest has delivered a monthly report card with its thermostat for a while now, but the new Nest Protect will include a safety summary in addition to your energy report. The original home report includes usage percentages, information on usage habits and changes, tips and Leaf counts (measuring saved energy). That hasn’t changed, but Nest Protect adds reports on how safely your home’s detectors are functioning.

The Home Report

You’ll receive a monthly home report that evaluates your system usage and helps you understand ways you could save energy and money. It provides comparisons for the previous months so you see how your daily habits affect your overall usage and make changes accordingly. It keeps track of how your usage changes based on average temperatures, how often you turn Nest off, and how you compare to other Nest users in terms of energy savings.

Nest Energy Report
Source: Nest

It also shows how much energy you’ve saved using Nest since you installed it, along with how many Nest Leafs you’ve earned over time. Each Leaf represents a day you managed to save energy in your home.

The Safety Report

Customers who’ve added Nest Protect to their home automation system can now see how the product is effectively monitoring the safety in their homes. Nest Protect works with your home’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to alert your family of any threats in the air.

Nest Safety Report
Source: Nest

The safety summary on the Home Report indicates whether your smoke and CO detectors are in good working order by showing you green icons on the report or red if they’re in trouble. It also updates you on your detectors’ battery life and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The safety summary provides an outline of the times your detectors were used. It shows how many times each alarm went off, if you received any Heads-Up indicators during the month, and the exact time each incident occurred. The report also summarizes how many days have passed without an incident, along with how many have passed since you performed a manual test on your alarms.

Why Do I Need a Home Report?

The Home Report not only lets you know how much energy you’re using throughout the month, but it can help you plan how change your habits to save money. In addition, this report allows you to stay up-to-date on the effectiveness of your detectors and alert you when it’s time for an update.

The Home Report can help you reduce the amount of energy your family uses and can help keep your home more secure by tracking problems that arise. The more Nest Protects you purchase, the more secure they can help your home be.

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