New Nest Cam Expands Your View To The Outdoors

Written by | Updated July 15, 2016

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By the time someone has broken into your home, it’s a little late to sound the alarm. Wouldn’t it be better to prevent intruders from entering in the first place? Nest thinks so. The home automation and home security company has invented the Nest Cam Outdoor, a fully weatherproof camera that keeps an eye on your home’s perimeter. Up until now, you could only purchase indoor devices from Nest. Now, security is about to change for the better.

How Nest Cam Outdoor Works

The security camera is designed to do everything the original indoor Nest Cam does—with the added bonus of being weatherproof. Nest Cam Outdoor syncs with other Nest products and home automation devices like Philips Hue. It records day or night with a 130° wide-angle lens in stunning 1080p HD. Nest Cam Outdoor serves as a two-way walkie-talkie too—allowing you to speak to whoever it outside your home and listen to responses.

Use the Nest app to watch live streaming video, store up to 30 days of video footage, share clips with friends, and check in on motion alerts. Nest Cam Outdoor is your personal security guard that won’t ever stop watching what’s happening around the exterior of your home.

How To Install the Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest products are very user-friendly. Some sit on a surface. Others can mount using simple brackets. Nest Cam Outdoor can be installed on wood, brick, and other materials. It even has a magnet, so it can stick to a gutter. Once it’s where you want it, turn it on, and it will sync up with other Nest devices and start communicating with the Nest app and your smart device.

Where To Buy Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest Cam Outdoor just made the announcement that it’s coming to stores. The wait isn’t long, but you won’t be able to buy Nest Cam Outdoor until Fall 2016. Hold off until then, or can preorder Nest Cam Outdoor from the Nest Store.

While you await Nest Cam Outdoor to hit shelves, you can equip your home with other great smart security cameras. Check out some of the best security cameras on the market, so your home will be protected now.

Written by Caroline Maurer

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