October is National Bullying Prevention Month: Do Your Part to Stop Bullying

Written by | Updated October 15, 2013

“The end of bullying begins with me” is the message PACER, a non-profit, is spreading in October in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month.

PACER provides parent training and information for families of children with disabilities. The organization started the anti-bullying campaign in 2006 where they hosted a one-week event and have now turned it into a month long opportunity to spread awareness and encourage people to play a role in bullying prevention.

This year, PACER is providing tools and information for you to get out in your own community and spread awareness. PACER teamed up with Green Giant to help you “Raise a Giant,” a campaign that allows parents to write letters to their children empowering them to stand up to bullying.

PACER also provides tools to host a run or walk in your community, plan a student-led bullying prevention event, as well as share the word on social media.

Check out PACER’s website and see what you can do to help prevent bullying.

Written by Jenna Black

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