Odessa, Texas Makes Strides to Create a Safer Community for Residents

Written by | Updated January 21, 2014

Odessa, a city in western Texas, is a community that cares about the safety and well-being of its residents. The city has implemented many safety programs and initiatives in its city departments. Read on to see what Odessa is doing to keep residents safe and happy in the town they call home.

Odessa Crime Stoppers

The Odessa Crime Stoppers program is a website and hotline where residents are able to submit anonymous tips and help identify suspects. According to the website, “it is a three part approach to solving the crime problem. Crime stoppers relies on cooperation between the police, the media and the general community to provide a flow of information about crime and criminals.”

Residents may call in to the Crime Stoppers hotline where their call will be kept completely anonymous, even the person on the other end of the phone is unaware of the caller’s identity because the phone does not provide caller ID. Conversations are not recorded, which encourages reluctant callers to give information. The public also has the option to submit tips online.

The website reports that “since the start of crime stoppers, many calls have been received resulting in thousands of arrests and recovery of substantial amounts of property. Calls have included information about murder, robbery, rape, assaults, drug and firearm offenses.”
Odessa Crime Stoppers

EMS Lifeline

Odessa Emergency Medical Services responds to over 17,000 emergencies per year. With an ambulance cost of over $600 per patient, the bill can run high for some families. EMS lifeline is an initiative that allows citizens to pay a flat fee of $59 or $6 monthly to cover the cost of an ambulance should they need one. This ambulance insurance program can be a lifesaver for residents in more than one way.

Keep Odessa Beautiful

Odessa cares about keeping residents safe as well as keeping their city beautiful. Keep Odessa Beautiful is a community non-profit environmental awareness organization. According to the organization’s Facebook page, their mission is “to empower individuals to take greater responsibility for enhancing their community environment.”

The organization has a goal of promoting litter prevention programs, beautifying different areas of the city by planting trees and flowers, and providing education to residents on the importance of waste reduction and conservation of natural resources.

Keep Odessa Beautiful is constantly encouraging the residents of Odessa to reduce, reuse, recycle and rebuy. They recently hosted an event that taught citizens how to cook healthy meals and has hosted numerous other activities promoting their mission.
Keep Odessa Beautiful

Citizens on Patrol

Since 1998, Odessa has implemented its “Citizens on Patrol” program which allows volunteers to assist the police department with observation and patrols. The program has increased public presence in neighborhoods, united residents, improved quality of life and allowed residents to report suspicious activity to their fellow citizens on patrol.

Odessa Fire and Rescue

The Odessa Fire/Rescue team is dedicated to protecting the community. They do this through public education and programs for citizens of all ages. Fire Safety Week(s), fire station tours and workplace fire safety trainings are just a few. The fire/rescue team has implemented Fire Safety House, which is a unique opportunity for 3rd grade students to learn about home fire safety and emergency escape plans. Demonstration house is a model home the city uses to demonstrate fire hazards and emergency plans for families. The home is equipped with smoke so the experience is as real as possible.

We’re impressed with the safety initiatives and programs Odessa has implemented. The city has an entire website dedicated to public safety where you can learn more about safety initiatives and plans.

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