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5 Personal Safety and Self Defense Tools

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It’s unsettling to think about being attacked, but according to a Gallup poll, approximately 45% of women say they don’t feel safe walking near their home at night.1 Women aged eighteen to twenty-nine report feeling especially vulnerable. Unfortunately, women have good reason to be wary: a violent crime occurs every twenty-six seconds in the United States.2 What’s more, one out of every six women will be the victim of an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime.3 These facts are alarming, but being informed is an important part of staying safe.

With this in mind, we researched dozens of personal safety devices and put together this guide. We’ll familiarize you with the most common types of personal safety gadgets, tell you how to use them, and provide you with SafeWise-recommended products in each category.

SafeWise Reminder: Safety devices don’t replace sound judgement or gut instinct. We encourage you to use good decision-making tactics and trust your intuition.

Personal Safety Device Category: Pepper Spray

Sabre Red Pepper Gel Spray

sabre red pepper spray

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Unique Features
Sabre Red Pepper Gel Spray is small, lightweight, and comes with an adjustable Velcro hand strap. These features make it an especially smart choice for runners, hunters, and anyone else who wants easy access to protection on the move.

Unlike traditional aerosol pepper sprays, this product is released in gel form. We feel this makes it a safer choice because it only affects the person or animal you’ve targeted—while aerosol sprays can also debilitate you. In addition, this gel sprays up to twelve feet, allowing for protection at a safer distance, and the OC spray canister delivers thirty-five bursts so you can deploy it several times during an attack.

A safety mechanism helps prevent the OC spray from accidentally discharging. To use, simply slide the red tab to release the safety, then push down on the red button with your thumb.


  • Adjustable Velcro hand strap
  • Sprays up to twelve feet
  • Free how-to videos help ensure safe use


  • Some reviewers claim the safety lock disengages too easily

Pepper spray is legal in every state as a self-defense weapon, but some states restrict who can use it, how much the container can hold, etc. Before purchasing pepper spray, find out what the laws are in your state.

Personal Safety Device Category: Stun Guns

Guard Dog Hornet Stun Gun

a stun gun

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Unique Features
A SafeWise top pick, this stun gun is an excellent choice for your daily protection needs. It’s small enough to conceal in your hand or purse and comes with a built-in keychain for added convenience. When used, Guard Dog Hornet Stun Gun emits a loud zapping sound and delivers six million volts of electricity to help fend off your attacker. Petite yet powerful, we’re not surprised reviews applaud the Hornet for its convenience.

This mini–stun gun is also equipped with an LED flashlight to help you identify potentially dangerous situations at night. The Hornet stun gun comes in white, black, and pink and has a rubberized non-slip grip for secure handling.

Stun guns are not legal everywhere. Consult your local law enforcement agency before purchasing, carrying, or using a stun gun.


  • Small and discreet
  • Built-in plug for recharging
  • Backed by a 100% satisfaction policy


  • Not as powerful as some other self-defense stun guns
  • Some users report the flashlight breaks easily

Personal Safety Device Category: Whistle

Geko Smart Whistle

safety whistle

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Unique Features
This personal safety whistle is packed with innovation. Other than the fact that it emits a sound when blown, it’s like no other whistle we’ve come across.

Smart Whistle offers GPS tracking and Bluetooth technology that work in tandem with the Wiso app to alert your loved ones that you’re in need. Simply blow into the mouthpiece or press the activation button for two seconds, and Smart Whistle will call, text, and email your preselected contacts to inform them that you want help. Their texts and emails will include a Google Map pinpointing your location, and they’ll receive updates on your location every three minutes until the alert is deactivated.

This sleek-looking, all-weather safety device comes with a flexible strap, making it an ideal personal safety gadget to attach to a purse, coat, or other item. Whether you’re headed out for a hike or meeting a friend for drinks, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that help is right at hand.


  • Attractive style in four color options
  • Continuous tracking on Google Map
  • No monthly service plan or contract


  • Your smartphone must be within Bluetooth range for the device to send help alerts

Personal Safety Device Category: Key Chain

Revolar Instinct

revolar instinct personal safety device

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Unique Features
Whether attached to your key chain, clipped to your clothing, or tucked inside a pocket, this stylish device has your safety in mind. More than just a panic button, Revolar Instinct is an app-enabled personal security gadget with loads of handy features.

What we like best about this device is its multiple alert levels. One press and hold lets up to five predetermined contacts know you’re safe. Two clicks tells them you’re feeling a bit uneasy, and three clicks indicates an emergency situation. Not only that, but your contacts will see your GPS location in real time so they’ll send help your way even as you move.  

Revolar Instinct’s “ring me” feature is ingenious. It dials your phone when you need an excuse to get out of an uncomfortable situation like a catastrophic date or a lengthy meeting. Bonus? This personal security gadget is a step counter, too.


  • Three levels of alert
  • Live location sharing
  • No monthly fees


  • Offered in only one color and style

Personal Safety Device: Wearable Alarm

Vigilant Personal Alarm

vigilante personal alarm

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Unique Features
Attention is an attacker’s worst enemy, and that’s just one reason we recommend the Vigilant Personal Alarm, which emits a 130 decibel sound (similar to the noise of a jet taking off). Small and light weight, you’ll forget you’re wearing this clippable personal safety device until you need it.

Switch the alarm to the on position when you want protection. In an emergency, just grab the device and the spring-loaded clip will automatically set off the alarm. The Vigilant Personal Alarm also has a wide-angle LED flashlight which can aide in your safety and security at night, whether you’re trying to find your car keys or walking across campus.


  • Simple design, easy to operate
  • Legal to carry and use in every state
  • Comes preloaded with batteries


  • Some reviews comment that the alarm goes off on its own

We hope you’ll use one—or more—of these devices on the go, but don’t forget that personal safety starts at home. Take a proactive approach by exploring your home security options and choosing the one that best suits your needs.

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