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Written by | Updated May 19, 2017

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Piper delivers powerful home security and home automation in a compact, personal-sized package. Forget overwhelming, complicated home security systems that require professional installation and hard-wired setups. The Piper all-in-one wireless security system makes home security and home automation easy, affordable, and adaptable to more spaces and configurations than ever before.

What Is Piper Home Security?

Piper home security is a portable, wireless security system that just might be easier to set up and use than a brand-new smartphone. Straight out of the box, this compact, DIY security solution lets you see and hear everything that’s happening in your home, dorm room, office, or nursery—and, best of all, there are no monthly fees to work into your household budget.

The Piper security system starts with the Piper security camera, and you can customize monitoring and home automation from there. Made by Icontrol Networks, the Piper home security device is equipped with a powerful HD camera, motion and sound detectors, two-way audio, a siren, and Z-Wave home automation capabilities.

What Are the Piper Home Security Camera Details?

There are two versions of Piper security, the Piper classic and Piper nv. The Piper nv smart home security system expands on the classic version, adding night vision capabilities, more advanced technical specs for the Piper camera, and video monitoring features.

  • 180-degree, immersive view from the Piper camera provides panoramic views plus pan and tilt capabilities so you can keep an eye on everything that’s happening.
  • Video on demand lets you review recorded video or check in on what’s going on in the moment via live streaming from a smartphone or tablet.
  • 105 dB alarm siren scares off would-be intruders and lets you know the moment that your security is breached.
  • Two-way audio allows you to hear and speak to pets and other members of the household no matter where you are.
  • Motion detection alerts you to movement in your home or office so you can offer help or intervene as needed.
  • Z-Wave home automation controller lets you conveniently control lighting, door and window sensors, and more.

The Piper device is attractive, weighs less than one pound, and comes in either black or white. Once Piper is installed, you can receive alerts through text, email, and push messages on your tablet or smartphone.

What Makes Piper So Special?

Unlike traditional home security options, the Piper home security system is ideal for smaller spaces and designed for portability. Whether you’re in an apartment, condo, or even a dorm room, Piper security is the perfect solution.

Its small size and DIY simplicity make the Piper camera a good fit for on-the-spot security monitoring in any space where you want the comfort of an extra set of eyes and ears. It can be used as a baby monitor, as a security camera at the office, or as a personal security device for your room and property if you live with roommates.

The Piper security system also comes with the added perk of home automation. Again, this is a feature that usually isn’t available in an office or for people who live with roommates who aren’t yet on board with the Internet of Things. With Piper, you can reap the benefits of smart home technology in your own personal domain, no matter how limited that space may be. 

Piper Home Security Pros

There are a lot of things to love about Piper home security, and here are our favorites.

  • Affordable: No matter which version you choose, you can get started with the Piper security camera for under $300—and there are no monthly fees. Once you’ve made the investment in the hardware, you’re done paying for Piper.
  • Simple: We’re not joking when we say that getting the Piper security system up and running is easier than setting up a smartphone for the first time. All you have to do is unpack it, turn it on, and download the app to your smart device. From there, you’re ready to configure your personalized security settings and notifications.
  • Portable: The Piper camera is small and lightweight, making it easy to move from place to place. Piper truly makes security monitoring easy to use in nontraditional settings, like apartments, offices, or dorm rooms. It’s also ideal for use if you live with roommates. The constant video monitoring can help you find out who’s been eating up everyone’s groceries or help you make sure your privacy is being respected. 
  • Home Automation Ready: One of the best things about Piper security is that you can use the same device for home automation. Current smart home accessories that can be used with your Piper alarm include Z-Wave enabled door and window sensors, smart switches, smart lightbulbs, smart dimmers, and flood sensors. This means you can have the benefits of a smart home in your dorm or apartment.
  • Adaptable: The Piper security system can be used like a traditional security system or modified for more creative purposes. Piper works as a baby monitor, an office alarm, or an interactive tool to keep pets company while you’re at the office all day. Because it’s so small and portable, Piper offers more monitoring and security possibilities than nearly any other security product out there. 

Piper Home Security Cons

Even though we think the Piper alarm is pretty nifty, there are a few limitations that may not work for every home security need.

  • Self-Monitoring: Piper home security is 100% self-monitored. That means you are the one who gets notified if a security breach is detected. Unlike centrally monitored systems where people at a security center monitor your system for alerts, Piper leaves you pretty much on your own. You can program it to alert emergency contacts in addition to yourself, but there is no automatic notification sent to law enforcement.
  • Not Weather Resistant: At this time, the Piper security camera is only fit for indoor use, which limits the scope of the security offered. If you want eyes on the outside of your home as well as the inside, you’ll need to invest in another security camera or system that is durable enough to withstand outside conditions.
  • Glitchy: As with any new technology, getting everything to work perfectly can take some time. Unfortunately, the typical bugs and quirks can be hard to put up with when you’re relying on the technology to keep your home safe. Some users have reported problems with the Android app, ongoing connectivity, and the re-arm function that limits how long video automatically records after a security breach.
  • Limited: While the Piper camera is perfect for small spaces, one device can’t get the job done for a larger home. If you want to use Piper home security in a big house, you’ll need to purchase multiple units.

Final Thoughts

Never before has home security been so personalized. In a world where supersizing is often the go-to, Piper security has opted to provide a smaller, more individualized security solution. We like how easy it is to use and the impressive level of security and control that’s packed into the sleek Piper package.

Piper home security opens up the world of home security for many people and environments that have been left out of traditional security systems. If you live in an apartment and have been looking for a security system, your search is finally over thanks to the all-in-one Piper security system

Written by Rebecca Edwards

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