Piper Home Security: Safety and Automation in a Single Device

Written by | Updated January 5, 2017


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If you’re looking for a security system that doubles as a home automation device, the Piper Security System has both features in one sleek, modern design.

Home Security and Self-Monitoring

Piper is like many standard home security systems in that it uses motion detectors, cameras, microphones, and alarms to secure your home. The system features a 180°, wide angle lens camera that can pan, tilt, and zoom to give you a complete picture of what’s going on in your home. You can also split your screen and monitor four separate areas at once.

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However, Piper differs from standard home security alarm systems in that it is self-monitored, rather than monitored by a security company. This means that the homeowner is responsible for monitoring system alerts and calling the authorities if the alarm is triggered or you notice something strange. On upside to a self-monitored system, though, is the fact that you don’t have to worry about paying a monthly monitoring fee, so customers on a limited budget may actually prefer to monitor their system themselves.

Another downside of the Piper system is that the basic package only includes one camera, meaning you can only monitor one room in your home. This is great if you have an open floor plan, but doesn’t really work for homes with multiple rooms or floors. The basic package does, however, include your choice of three accessories, and if you choose door and window sensors, you can enhance the security of your home beyond the view of the camera. Or you can opt for the Piper Ultimate bundle and get three cameras and your choice of five accessories.

Home Automation

Not only does Piper offer quality home security, it also allows you to incorporate a number of home automation features. The system uses Z-wave technology to allow you to turn lights and other appliances on and off remotely through Piper’s smartphone app. Piper also lets you set your system so that lights and appliances turn on if a door in your home is opened or if the alarm is triggered. This gives the illusion that someone is home and helps to enhance your security a little more.

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Piper can also give you updates on your home’s environmental data, like temperature, light, and humidity. The app can even connect up to five different Piper cameras, so if you decide to purchase extra for more coverage, you can access them all on the same phone.

Piper vs. Canary

When it comes to home automation, Piper Home Security wipes the floor with Canary, one of its prime competitors. While Piper allows you to control your home’s lighting and appliances remotely, Canary offers no home automation at all. The Piper system can also alert you via phone call if the system’s alarm is triggered, while Canary does not. Finally, Piper outshines Canary when it comes to sensor capabilities. With Piper, you can add door and window sensors to monitor your home’s perimeter for security breaches. Canary, on the other hand, doesn’t offer this feature.

However, the basic Piper camera does not include night vision, which you can get with Canary. You can get night vision with the Piper NV camera, but this will push your cost up to $269 compared to the basic Piper price of only $199. Considering that the Canary system sells for around $249 and includes night vision, Canary might have Piper beat when it comes to price.

Piper also outshines Canary when it comes to sensor capabilities. Piper contains open/close sensors for your windows and doors, another added feature that Canary doesn’t currently have.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one security system with home automation capabilities, Piper is a great option. The system can be costly, however, especially if you need to add more cameras in order to monitor your entire home. But, when you consider the fact that you can gradually add more accessories to your Piper system for additional home automation options, it might very well be worth the extra investment.


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