Poll: Does a Gun in Your Home Make You Feel Safe?

Written by | Updated February 21, 2014

Owning a gun is an option that some consider when concerned for home safety. Despite the risks of having guns for home defense, some value the peace of mind it brings. Recent studies found an estimated 34 percent of households have firearms in them. But will having a firearm in your home really make you feel safe?

A gun can be a double-edged sword; its use comes with protective advantages, while also harboring grave risks. Let’s review some of the pros and cons of gun ownership before you decide whether or not having a firearm in your home will really make you feel safe.


With the proper training and appropriate storage, owning a gun can make some people feel more capable of defending themselves in their homes. Alerting the proper authorities should always be your first priority in the event of an emergency. However, the knowledge that you could potentially protect yourself and your family in an emergency could bring you peace of mind where you once felt helpless.

Having a gun can simply mean feeling more confident and its presence could intimidate intruders. If you have contacted the police and are forced into action, it’s possible to send a robber fleeing by yelling out you are armed or by brandishing a firearm. In fact, less than eight percent of confrontations with intruders where a firearm is presented result in violence.


If you have little experience with guns or are not used to being around them, you might find yourself in over your head with a firearm in your home. Having a gun in the home can also be a concern if you have kids. If you are going to have a gun, you have to put thought into where you will store it and how you will discuss gun safety with your children.

Whether you decide to have a gun or not, remember confrontation should be your absolute last line of defense. Help prevent criminals from ever getting into your home by installing an effective security system. Find a security system that matches your needs with the SafeWise security system finder tool.

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Written by Hillary Johnston

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