Product Review: The Vicovation Opia2 Dash Cam

Written by | Updated January 23, 2017

At SafeWise, we’re constantly reviewing the best home security and personal safety products to help you safeguard what’s most precious to you. So when Vicovation sent us its Opia2 dash cam, we were excited to give it a test drive. (Spoiler alert: It’s pretty great.)

Opia2 in a Nutshell

Vicovation’s Opia2 is the very first ultra high definition dash cam on the market (1440p@30fps) with the ability to record under 1080p@60fps too, meaning you can get ultra high definition or a slightly lower-grade recording to save on memory card space. Vicovation prides itself on delivering convenient, easy-to-use technology at a reasonable price—and after driving with this dash cam for a month, we’re believers in its product.

Opia2 Features We Love

  • Professional or DIY. We opted to have this dashcam installed professionally using Vicovation’s Power PLUS supplies (sold separately) to connect it to the car’s battery, but you could easily do this yourself and save money by using the lighter adapter included in the package.
  • Added Functionality With Battery Adapter. If you do spend a little more to hardwire Opia2 into your battery, you get additional features when you’re parked—like motion-activated video recording and time-lapse photo capture. This comes in handy if someone hits your car and drives off or someone breaks into your car or tampers with it in any way. We really liked this feature, and the light that comes on when motion is detected, because it doubles as a theft deterrent for cars.
  • User-Friendly. The camera’s design puts the user experience first, with a large LCD screen to customize settings and play video as well as big buttons to control the camera.
  • Emergency Mode. If anything happens, the emergency button is front and center on the camera and ready to be turned on so the camera records everything that’s happening. If you get into an accident, if someone damages your car or tries to break in, or if anything else happens, your Opia2 will catch it on camera.

Downsides to the Opia2

  • Not Compatible With All Memory Cards. Opia2 doesn’t work with SanDisk Ultra series memory cards, but it’s for good reason; VicoVation has found these cards are slower than other brands.

Opia2 vs. Other Dash Cams

We’ve reviewed a handful of dash cams and Opia2 can hang with the big dogs. While it doesn’t have a touchscreen or extended recording capability, its compact design, button-controlled LCD screen, and ultra high definition make up for it. Plus, Opia2 is in the mid range for price—not too cheap, but not too steep.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we’re pretty happy Vicovation sent us Opia2 to pilot; it proved to be technologically advanced, easy to use, and customizable. We also really like how you can install this dash cam yourself and save money or have it professionally installed and get a lot more perks with the Power PLUS adapter. If you’re in the market for a dash cam, Vicovation’s Opia2 is one to trust.

Written by Caroline Maurer

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