Protect America’s Platinum Package Means Comprehensive Protection

Written by | Updated April 15, 2014

Protect America has been honored as a “Consumer Digest” Best Buy for the past five years. One reason the Austin, Texas based company enjoys a well earned reputation for excellence is because it provides thousands of families with a state-of-the-art security system at an incredibly competitive price. Reliable, innovative and affordable, Protect American is proud to give customers a number of security packages to choose from.

If you want basic protection for a minimal investment, Protect America’s “Copper” package is the way to go. Protect America also offers a “Bronze,” “Silver,” and a “Gold” package. But if you’re looking a package that takes home safety and security to all new levels, you’ll want to get to know Protect America’s “Platinum” package. We’re here to help. We’ve researched the features this powerful package offers and we’ll outline why we think it’s an unbeatable security value.

What the Platinum Package Has to Offer

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive protection plan, the Platinum security package from Protect America is a smart choice. The perimeter doors and windows of your home are protected with burglar stopping sensors. Inside your home, motion detectors ensure your family’s safety. Plus, when you sign up for the Platinum package you’ll find it’s easy to customize your system. If you have unused door or window sensors you can exchange them for other pieces of equipment that better suit your needs- such as smoke detectors. Protect America’s Platinum package gives you everything you need to start protecting your family right away. Here’s what you’ll receive:

One Control Panel
When you sign up for the Platinum package, you’ll receive one Simon XT control panel. This easy to use panel is the hub of your Protect American security system. From arming your system to reading important status messages to calling for emergency response, the Simon XT does it all.

15 Door or Window Sensors
When you take advantage of the Platinum package you’ll receive 15 sensors that can be used for doors or windows. Door and window sensors are an important part of an all-encompassing security system because they’ll let you know immediately if an unwelcomed guest is trying to enter your home, or if your toddler is wandering off to a dangerous area like the backyard pool.

One Motion Detector
With a Platinum package you’ll receive one motion detector to protect the inside of your home. Should a burglar gain entry to your home, a motion detector serves as a critical second layer of defense. The moment any movement is detected, the motion detector will sound the alarm. Placing motion detectors in high traffic areas like hallways makes them most effective.

One Yard Sign and Three Window Decals
Your Protect America yard sign and window decals send a clear message to burglars that you take home security seriously. When the bad guy sees your home is alarmed, he’ll move on to an easier target. With the Protect America Platinum package you’ll receive one yard sign, three window decals. Be sure you place decals on the windows of your home that face the side and backyard, as well as the street.

More Reasons Protect America is a Good Value

There’s no doubt that Protect America’s Platinum package is a solid investment into your family’s security. But you should also be aware that Protect America offers additional perks. One is flexible monitoring options. You choose whether you want a landline, broadband, or cellular based service. And you’ll never pay and installation fee when you sign up with Protect America. In fact, no matter which security package you choose, you’ll enjoy free equipment and no activation fees. That’s value most security companies don’t deliver.

Competitive prices, exceptional customer service and comprehensive security packages like the Platinum package have earned Protect America a reputation for excellence. Learn more about the services Protect America offers, and find out for yourself why it’s ranked as one of the top home security companies in the country.

Written by Alexia Chianis

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