How to Protect Your Wine Cellar with a Security System

Written by | Updated January 3, 2014

Wine lovers take their passion seriously, and collectors need to make sure their vintages stay safe and protected. It might seem like the only threat to a bottle of wine is a handy corkscrew and a healthy thirst, but quality wines can be affected by a variety of environmental factors – and a valuable collection could become a target for high-end thieves.

Thankfully, there are security systems out there especially designed to make sure your Pinot Gris and Sangiovese don’t fall victim to the perils of temperature fluctuations, light exposure, power outages, changes in humidity and break-ins from crooks or even misguided teens looking for party favors. Typical wine cellar protection focuses on the four major threats to a wine collection: temperature, light, humidity and theft. Here is a breakdown of the most important things you need to know to keep your wine safe from these dangers.


In order to preserve the complex flavors of your wine and to ensure it ages properly, keep your collection at a constant, cool temperature. Heat fluctuations can demolish the health of the most prized assemblage of wine in an instant. A quality wine monitoring system allows you to set a temperature range for your cellar or cooler and will send you alerts if the temperature goes out of that range.


One of the reasons wine comes in colored glass bottles is the natural ultraviolet filter provided by the tinted glass. Light can wreak havoc on the quality of wine, dramatically affecting the flavor and causing premature aging.  And it’s not just the vino that’s at risk, but labels can also be negatively affected by too much light or humidity. That’s why instant alerts that can be delivered to a cell phone or other mobile device are an important security feature for every avid wine lover.


It’s important to have humidity in your wine cellar, but you need to maintain the proper balance to negate potential damage. If your cellar’s humidity is too low you risk dried out, crumbling corks and if it’s too high there could be a chance of mold or mildew settling in and affecting both your labels and the overall quality of your cellar. Make certain any security or monitoring system you put in place to protect your wine includes alerts that keep you informed of the current humidity and any changes that go out of your desired levels.


Obviously, losing your wine to thieves or having your cellar plundered for a party is not the way you want your collection to end up. In addition to traditional locks and electronic keypads, there are many specially-designed security systems out there that include remote and video wine cellar monitoring and external sensors that keep an eye on the doors to your cellar, cabinet or wine cooler. As with any modern security system, be sure to look for mobile features that allow you to keep an eye on your vino no matter where you are.

What other threats to a vibrant wine collection could be mitigated by the right security system? Don’t wait another day to learn how to keep your vintages safe and sound. Use the SafeWise system finder tool to find the right security option for you.
How to Protect Your Wine Cellar with a Security System

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