7 Safe April Fools’ Day Pranks

Written by | Updated March 30, 2016

April Fools Day

If you’re passionate about having fun and staying safe, you can do both this April Fools’ Day. While many April Fools’ Day pranks involve unhappy victims, you can create a satisfying and hilarious experience without terrifying anyone. Here are eight safe and easy April Fools’ Day ideas that will make even those you prank laugh.

For the Workplace

1. Put a co-worker’s belongings in Jell-O.

The Office” gave us inspiration for this prank, and it is now a classic. Stay a few minutes later than your co-worker the night before April Fools’ Day so you can borrow an item from her desk. Put it in Jell-O overnight and watch the look on her face when she arrives at work to find a colorful plate of sugary gelatin surrounding her coffee mug or stapler.

2. Change your clothes every hour.

Bring several outfits to work on April Fools’ Day. Change into a new one every hour, then act confused when people ask you why you look different. Keep your looks professional, and you’ll successfully pull off a great office prank without causing a scene.

For Your Family

3. Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish.

Confuse your family members in the shower or at the sink when the soap won’t lather. Make sure the nail polish has time to dry completely — nobody wants wet nail polish all over their hands.

4. Give them a colorful shower.

Add food coloring or Kool-Aid powder to the inside of your showerhead and give your family members a colorful surprise when they go to wash. If you only put a little coloring in, it will run out quickly enough for them to actually get clean.

5. Cover everything in your home with googly eyes.

Young children will go nuts when they open the fridge to find their breakfast staring back at them, thanks to some googly eyes. Depending on the amount of googly eyes in your supply, you could take over your whole home with this great prank for kids.

For Teens and College Students

6. Swap rooms.

If you share a room with a friend or sibling, switch everything in your room around so your roommate’s belongings are on your side, and vice versa. If you don’t share a room with someone, you can swap entire rooms. Pay attention to details and create a perfect reversal.

7. Make technology more confusing.

Take a screenshot of your target’s desktop screen — with the mouse pointer hidden — and save the image. Then, hide the icons on the desktop, remembering where you put them. Finally, set the screenshot image as their desktop background and hide the taskbar or dock. You’ll have them repeatedly clicking their screen wondering why their files won’t open. Make sure you’re around to say, “April Fool!”

Have you ever safely pranked someone? Tell us about your funny April Fools’ Day pranks in the comments.

Written by Hillary Johnston

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