Safetytat Offers Peace of Mind for Parents with Small Children

Written by | Updated August 27, 2013

Parents are constantly worrying about the safety of their kids, especially when the kids are small. Michele Welsh, a mother of three, founded Safetytat after spending a weekend at a crowded amusement park with her children. She wrote her cell phone number on each of her children’s arms, just in case they got separated. After other parents asking her about it and loving it, she realized this idea could turn into something more.

SafetyTat is a temporary tattoo that sticks on your child’s arm with your contact information in case they are lost. It can also be used to display important information, such as any allergies your child might have, so they can stay safe in someone else’s care.


Welsh and her team have received positive feedback from parents, as well as many news outlets.

“We’ve received dozens of letters from parents saying ‘Thank you, because of your product my child didn’t panic when they were separated from me,” Welsh said on The Katie Couric Show.

This is a brilliant item for any parent, and can help ease the stress of the classic “lost the child in the grocery store” scenario. Check out SafetyTat and keep your child safe!


Written by Hillary Johnston

A proud mother of four, Hillary is passionate about safety education. She holds a degree in Public Health and Disaster Management. Learn more

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