SafeWise Announces “Ask A Security Expert” Program

Written by | Updated February 10, 2014

In an ongoing effort to make researching, purchasing, or learning about home security as simple and straight forward as possible, we’re proud to announce “Ask a Security Expert,” the latest feature on

Head on over to the FAQ page to submit your questions about home security and we’ll have our resident security experts write out an in-depth answer. We’ll post these answers on to help you and everyone else out there asking the same questions.

To kick it off, we tackled a collection of questions we get all the time, which you can find the answers to here.

From reviews and comparisons to the SafeWise system finder, we’re all about helping you make the right home security decisions for you and your family, and we’re proud to add Ask a Security Expert section to our site.

Written by Aaron Gunderson

Aaron is a gadget geek, community volunteer, and father of two. He frequently writes about smart home technology and surveillance systems. Learn more

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