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Written by | Updated March 4, 2016

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When you go on vacation and adjust the temperature of your home, you do it with the best of intentions to save money and electricity. But the tradeoff is coming back to a sweltering house after your travels. This could be a thing of the past, all thanks to the fanciest wearable technology we’ve seen yet – the Apple Watch.

By pairing this smartwatch with some home automation and security apps, all it takes is a few simple taps on the screen and you’re on your way to helping make your home work for you. We’ve found some of the apps that you’ll want to download to your watch so you can start controlling your home from your wrist today.

Nest and Honeywell Lyric

One of the most user-friendly functions of the watch is its capability to pair with your thermostat. Two of the highest-rated smart thermostats are Nest and Honeywell Lyric. Their basic options are pretty similar, but they each come with some unique features.

Honeywell Lyric


Lyric uses geofencing technology, which allows its app to detect when you (and your Apple Watch) leave home. It has a seven mile range, and when you get close enough to home for the Lyric to sense that you are approaching, it will automatically adjust the temperature of the house to your desired settings.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Lyric is the Extreme Temperature Alerts feature. If the temperature in your home reaches an unsafe level – in either direction, hot or cold – the app will send an alert to your Apple Watch. You can then take the appropriate steps to control the situation.



Nest offers a scheduling feature so you can adjust the temperature of your home throughout the day, according to your own rhythms and daily moods. Nest also has an away feature that alerts the unit whenever a room or the entire house is empty so it can change temperatures as needed. Nest is likely the most appealing option for an eco-friendly family, thanks to the Nest Leaf feature. This green leaf icon appears whenever the unit is set to a temperature that will save energy.

You can also use IFTTT to control your Nest thermostat from the Apple watch, thanks to their Do button. The Do button allows you to set up particular commands to link your smart home systems together, and then utilize your wearable tech to control them.

To find out more about getting either of these services for your home, see current Lyric pricing on Amazon or current Nest pricing on Amazon.

Tap a button or two on your Apple Watch in the app, and you’ll have instant access to video footage from your home, as well as other information about what’s happening there. This app will notify you if the garage door is left open so you can close it, and can link you to any other connected devices in your home (locks, lights, video, thermostat, etc.). You can even use it to arm/disarm your security system. If you’ve gone on vacation, you can let the neighbor in to feed your pets and water the plants by unlocking the door right from your phone. You can even tune into the security camera footage to make sure the pets aren’t getting into any mischief. All of this with just a couple taps on your watch – we’re impressed.


This great app makes your home security something simple to keep tabs on. The PEQ app gives a block to each item you pair with it so you can check on them individually. For example, a blue block is given to the hall lamp, while the next screen is a red block for the front door lock. A single tap on the block can turn the lamp on/off or lock/unlock the door.

You can also receive alerts to your phone about any of the connected items. So just by glancing at your wrist, you’ll know that your front door opened. Once you switch to the video feed, you’ll see that the kids came in the door and are safely back from swim practice.

If you want to pair this app with the PEQ automated DIY home security system, you can receive a starter kit for about $120, but the app for your watch is free.

Everything we’ve mentioned is a service needing the plans and products that accompany the apps. But once you have those, you’ll be enjoying the luxury of not only owning an Apple Watch, but being able to control and monitor your home from it.

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