What Security System Would Your Favorite “Modern Family” Characters Own?

Written by | Updated August 28, 2014

There are a lot of security providers to choose from that can make finding the right one for your lifestyle and personality a challenge. To help you decide, we’ve matched home security companies with four of the characters from the hit TV show “Modern Family.” See which character you most relate to and discover a home security company that is perfect for you.

1. Phil Dunphy – FrontPoint

Moden Family Phil Dunphy would choose FrontPoint Home SecurityImage: ABC

Phil is always trying to be the best father figure he can be. FrontPoint’s emergency detection features like flood and fire sensors would make him feel even more like a responsible parent. He wouldn’t mind taking care of the installation himself because it lets him show off his skills as a handyman and teach the kids a lesson or two about how to use a screwdriver correctly (or incorrectly).

As a real estate agent, Phil knows the value of not damaging the walls. This is why the wireless technology would likely appeal to him. Plus, he could show off the other digital features, like full home control and custom alerts, to his father-in-law, Jay. They could even check in on what the rest of the family is up to with the security cameras while they’re out hitting the links.

2. Claire Dunphy – Vivint

Modern Family's Clair Dunphy would choose Vivint for her home security needsImage: ABC

With so many schedules to manage, errands to run, and mouths to feed, Claire would want a security system that keeps her in control without getting in her way. That’s why Vivint is the perfect match for Claire.

With a streamlined interface that panders to the technologically impaired, Vivint would offer Claire the services she needs to monitor the house she works so hard to maintain. Cameras installed throughout the house would help her keep an eye on the kids while she’s away, directly from her smartphone.

3. Jay Pritchett – ADT Monitoring

Modern Family's Jay Pritchett would choose ADT to protect his multi-million dollar homeImage: ABC

Jay is a successful businessman who would appreciate a no-nonsense approach to home security. A reputable and experienced company like ADT monitoring would give Jay the peace of mind he needs for his multi-million dollar home.

ADT monitoring offers standard services Jay would recognize, like burglary monitoring and temperature control. An ADT monitoring system has easy controls without the hassle of a learning curve or lengthy installation. Security alerts and basic home automation would allow him to relax and get the uninterrupted sleep at night he always craves, simply knowing he has the best monitoring service helping protect his home around the clock.

4. Cameron Tucker – Vivint

Modern Family's Cameron Tucker would choose ADT to protect his homeImage: ABC

Claire would love Vivint so she can stay in control, while Cam would choose Vivint for its wide variety of unique and flashy gadgets. Cam is the “mommy” of the household and wouldn’t take anything other than a security system that has all of the frills, which is why Vivint would be his top pick.

Vivint offers all of the newest and high-tech gear and services for optimal home security with an easy to use interface that is both simple and fun to use. Cam would fall in love with the energy conservation features and the remote home automation options that would let him change the atmosphere of the house on a whim. Even Mitch might be impressed when he sees the motion activated video monitoring system that would help him keep an eye on their daughter, Lily.

Which home security provider matches up best with your character traits?

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