Selena Gomez Ups Her Home Security After Intruder Breaks In Twice

Written by | Updated May 16, 2014

Selena Gomez may have spent some time in the role of a wild and crazy teen on the silver screen, but in real life she’s anything but, and her penchant for home protection is Exhibit A. Gomez recently made headlines for upping the level of security at her Calabasas, CA mansion. The proactive protection boost came on the heels of two disturbing incidents at her $3 million dollar home and earns her kudos for not taking risks when it comes to home security.

Just days after moving into her new estate, which is located within an upscale gated community, obsessed fan Chi Cruz made his way into the starlet’s new digs, startling her and prompting her to make a quick call to 911. Cruz was arrested, but after being held for two days the intruder was set free. Apparently two days in the clink weren’t enough to teach this dangerous fellow his lesson, because right after being released Gomez once again encountered Cruz on her property.

Following these frightening back-to-back encounters, Gomez ordered a home security upgrade that includes a full perimeter gate that surrounds the singer’s house. Although her neighborhood is gated, there is not a guard on post 24/7, which may be one contributing factor to how Cruz was able to gain access on two separate occasions.

We’re impressed that Gomez didn’t hesitate to take measures after these unsettling home invasions, but this situation is a startling reminder that the best time to manage your home security is before you fall victim to a break-in. And Gomez isn’t the first celeb to find themselves dealing with a security breach. Remember the “Bling Ring,” where a group of audacious young adults broke into the homes of Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, Paris Hilton and other stars who were more lax about their security than they realized?

Perhaps Gomez wasn’t quite old enough in 2008 to learn from her fellow celeb’s mistakes, but she’s definitely setting a good precedent now with her speedy security actions. In addition to erecting that high-security gate, here are a few more tips from which Gomez might benefit when it comes to keeping out the crazies and the bad guys.

  • Everything from updating your social media status to posting a pic on the beach can be a signal to a fanatical admirer that your home is sitting empty just waiting for them to come take a peek.
  • Your alarm system doesn’t do you any good if you don’t set it. Make setting your alarm a habit and you’ll be able to breathe easier at home and away.
  • Security cameras can sometimes be enough to frighten away a would-be intruder. If your home security system doesn’t already include cameras, it’s worth it to look into adding that feature.
  • Upgrade from that old key under the mat trick and start using remote home monitoring. Many systems even come with the ability to control your locks, lights, thermostat and even small appliances right from your laptop or other mobile device.

Do you think Selena Gomez is doing enough to increase her home security?

Written by Rebecca Edwards

Rebecca has honed her safety and security skills as both a single mom and a college director. Being responsible for the well-being of others helped her learn how to minimize risk and create safe environments. Learn more

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