Silver Spring, Maryland Keeps Citizens Safe While Encouraging Them to Go Green

Written by | Updated March 11, 2014

Silver Spring is an unincorporated area just north of Washington D.C. It boasts great restaurants, entertainment, friendly neighborhoods and growing businesses.

While there are a lot of great highlights of Silver Spring, one of our favorites is that the people there truly care about the safety of their fellow residents and the environment. Read on to see what Silver Spring is doing to protect citizens and the land they live on.

Keeping Citizens Safe

The Montgomery County Department of Police has implemented various programs and initiatives to keep residents safe. The Crime Solvers of Montgomery county is a program that was designed by the police department to “enlist the aid of the community in helping the Montgomery County Police solve crimes.” Members of the community can call, text, or even submit tips on the internet. Every time that a tip leads to an arrest, the informant is entitled to a reward of up to $10,000. The Crime Solvers of Montgomery County is celebrating its 36th anniversary this year.

The Montgomery County Committee on Hate/Violence, the Montgomery County Office of Human Rights, and Montgomery College have also joined together to raise a voice against bullying. These officials hope to raise awareness of bullying in the area by hosting a symposium “Bullying in Schools” in Silver Spring. On Saturday, March, 29th 2014 a National Youth Advocate will address the community. By addressing bullying and working to eradicate bullying in schools, Silver Spring is making school a safe place for children to be.

Silver Spring is part of a larger county program, CountyStat, which holds government officials accountable for instituted programs. CountyStat was recently recognized by the American Society for Public Administration for the positive change it has brought to Montgomery County.

According to the Montgomery County Executive, Isiah Leggett, the program “will use real-time data to focus departments’ efforts, monitor and measure their performance and ensure that they provide more effective and efficient response to our customers.”

Safe Silver Spring, an organization that is solely dedicated to keeping Silver Spring safe, has made incredible strides within the community. Safe Silver Spring reaches out to citizens, leaders, businesses, and public officials and encourages them to be a part of building a safer city. With an impressive record of results, Safe Silver Spring is the perfect example of an organization that is innovative while utilizing local resources to build a safer community. Tony Hausner, the man that runs Safe Silver Spring, is always looking for volunteers and encouraging community members to join the cause.

The Perks of Living in Silver Spring

Not only is Silver Spring a safe place to live, it also offers many opportunities for residents to go green, including the “Silver Spring Greenfest.” This community event features green businesses, healthy snacks, local environment organizations, live music, green-themed activities for children and more.

Silver Springs recently introduced its own Bikeshare program, where residents can pick up a bike in one location and return it to another. Officials implemented the program in hopes that it would ease the town’s traffic congestions and allow residents to have a more flexible travel schedule. Of course, with more citizens using BikeShare, the city’s carbon footprint is reduced.

Montgomery County offers workshops on how to create a rain garden or install a rain barrel. Citizens are encouraged to participate because it improves water quality and minimizes storm runoff. The county also offers tax rebates for those who participate.

Silver Spring offers other “green” options around town such as pay-by-cell phone parking meters. The library offers classes for all-ages that teach citizens how to use a 21st century library instead of buying new books.

We are loving Silver Springs’ efforts to keep their community safe and encouraging residents to be environmentally friendly.

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