SmartThings Allows Total Control Over Your Home

Written by | Updated May 16, 2017

The Internet of Things has quickly become a popular concept among tech lovers and it’s only getting better.

SmartThings, a home automation tool, has taken the Internet of Things to an entirely new level. This open source home automation platform allows you to communicate with everyday objects in your life by using your smartphone.

SmartThings can connect to pretty much anything including light switches, door locks, cars, appliances, electronics and doors. It can even help prevent dangers and damages in your home.

You can use SmartThing to:

  • Trigger things to turn on and off in response to certain events or times.
  • Flash your lights when you get a new Twitter follower or are tagged on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Lock and unlock your doors from anywhere.
  • Trigger doors to automatically unlock or lock when you leave or get home.
  • Set your door to unlock when you check in at home on foursquare.
  • Find where you left your keys in the house.
  • Get alerts if doors and windows open.
  • Be notified when movement is detected when it shouldn’t be.


SmartThings provides a website just for developers where they provide tools and resources for their developers. According to an Engadget article, “Interested parties can create and develop their own SmartThings, and can collaborate with like-minded folks to come up with even more ways to take advantage of the platform.”

It even integrates with IFTTT technology to link your favorite online services with the physical objects in your life.

SmartThings is $199 for a “Know Your Home” starter kit and $299 for the “Know and Control Your Home” kit.

Written by Massiel Ramirez

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