A Day in Spring, Texas

Written by | Updated January 28, 2014

SafeWise likes to recognize communities that are going above and beyond to keep their communities safe, as well as those that go the extra mile to make their town somewhere their residents are proud to live. Today’s feature is on Spring, Texas.

Whether you’re visiting Spring for the first time, or you’re having a staycation, we’ve compiled a list of things you can’t miss here. From exotic animals to goblins, there’s something in our tour of Spring for everyone. Check it out and see if your favorite made the list or if you can discover somewhere new to visit.

1.Perfect Blend

Start your day with a shot of espresso or a foamy cappuccino at Perfect Blend, a family owned and operated café right off I-45. If you’re hungry, you can get everything from a chocolate or almond filled croissant to a warm Panini.

Caffe Latte Spring TX

2.Wet ‘n Wild Splashtown

Recently renamed to Wet ‘n Wild Splashtown, this water amusement park has long been a favorite of Spring, TX residents and is only going to get better! A multi-million dollar transformation of the property was recently announced, so expect some fun new rides in 2014.

Splashtown Spring TX

3.Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens

Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens in Spring, TX boasts more than 300 acres of native and cultivated plant life, the largest collection of its kind in the region. From cactus gardens to piney woods, this is an awesome place to relax, take a deep breath, and become one with nature.




4.Olivit Mediterranean Grill

Olivit, a family owned and operated restaurant in Spring, offers some of the most delicious Mediterranean dishes around and foodies rave about Olvit’s spicy hummus, fresh baked pita, chicken tekka, and lamb.

Olivit Party Tray

5.TGR Exotics

Did you know aardvark means “earth pig” or that lemurs are named after ghosts and spirits from Roman mythology? Learn all about these animals or get up close and personal with a hyena, llama, or lemur in Spring, at TGR Exotics, a 10 acre educational park that has over 100 animals from 25 different species!




6.Ghost Tours

By this point the sun’s gone down, and you’ve probably had your fill of nature. So why not try something supernatural? You might be able to meet Casper the friendly ghost on our next stop in Spring, TX. Houston Ghost Tours will tell you all about ghosts, hauntings, and the murderous past of Old Town Spring.


7.Crescent Moon Wine Bar

Whether you like pinots, cabernets, or chardonnays, Crescent has a wine tasting that pairs perfectly with you. Crescent also offers nightly live music and on occasion, free dance lessons, in case you’re feeling adventurous.


Did we leave your favorite Spring hot spot off the list? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Aaron Gunderson

Aaron is a gadget geek, community volunteer, and father of two. He frequently writes about smart home technology and surveillance systems. Learn more

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