The 6 Coolest Upcoming Safety Products on Kickstarter

Written by | Updated May 6, 2016

Kickstarter Projects

Every year, hundreds of new products enter the security industry to help keep you and your belongings safe. Some of the most creative — from a belt buckle that hides credit cards to software that safeguards children — are found on Kickstarter. We took a detailed look at upcoming Kickstarter campaigns and highlighted the six coolest safety products.

1. Wallet Buckle

Wallet Buckle

The Wallet Buckle, which was featured on the “Today” show, efficiently holds and hides up to five cards in a stylish belt buckle. This is a safe solution invented for the places you go where a wallet or purse is necessary, but may be a pain or a security risk to carry — like a concert or sporting event. The buckle’s innovative tapered design securely fits IDs and credit cards so they can’t fall out. There is space for you to grip your cards and slip them in and out, but the pinched buckle creates tension so the cards stay put when you want them to.

The Wallet Buckle designers have already spent years developing the perfect product after testing and feedback from customers. The belt buckle comes in various designs for both men and women, and customization options will be available soon.

2. Fitti Guard

Fitti Guard

The sharp-looking Fitti Guard watch goes beyond the abilities of other smartwatches and fitness wearables. The Fitti Guard safeguards wearers from environmental elements with sensors that monitor air quality, UV rays, radioactivity, humidity, and noise pollution. The Fitti Guard app features a customizable user interface, giving wearers control over their exposure limits to harmful environmental conditions. If the sun is too bright or air pollution is too dense, Fitti Guard will alert you to put on sunblock or step inside.

This product’s battery lasts up to 21 days, and it also includes popular features of other fitness wearables — like a step counter, heart rate monitor, activity recognition, sleep analysis, and calorie counter.

3. Light Eye

Light eye

Light Eye, a Bluetooth security light, turns your old smartphone’s camera into a monitoring device. Install the Light Eye electronic light in the location you want to monitor — like your car or front door. When motion is detected, the Light Eye flashes and turns your smartphone on via Bluetooth to take photos or record video. The companion Light Eye app will then email you the pictures or video your smartphone captured.

Light Eye is IFTTT compatible and works on standby mode, so neither it nor your phone needs to be constantly connected to a charger or powered on. Light Eye allows you to customize alerts and alarms in the app, and batteries should last 4–7 months.

4. FillaBox Recycling

The liquid inside the disposable bottles invented by FillaBox Recycling safely destroys any unused medication or vitamins. The patented liquid is made with a charcoal blend that binds to the medication and neutralizes the drug. The bottle can store up to 50 pills — either over-the-counter medications, prescriptions, or vitamins — rendering them harmless. When full, the bottles can either be thrown away or sent back to FillaBox Recycling for carbon credits — they burn the recycled bottles to generate electricity.

FillaBox Recycling is a safer alternative to flushing pills down the toilet or throwing them in the trash. This technology is the first of its kind and offers a way for people to dispose of their pharmaceuticals at home without compromising their drinking water.

5. Rated 4 Kids

The intelligent Rated 4 Kids system filters Internet content through a combination of hardware and software. When this touch-screen system is plugged in to your router, it becomes the gateway between your devices and the Internet. You will no longer have to rely on subpar browser safety settings to protect young minds from the dangerous parts of the Internet. This comprehensive, Cloud-based filtering service relies on ratings from you and your community, so if other parents rate a website as inappropriate, Rated 4 Kids will also block it for your child.

“We designed Rated 4 Kids to be like a ‘spam button’ for the whole Internet. We want parents in charge of what gets into their home, so they can instantly block the nasty stuff, and rate the good stuff. And because parents like you are doing the same, the system grows exponentially in power and capacity. It’s parents working together to take back the Internet!”

-Rated 4 Kids

The software allows parents to define settings for each device and control content differently based on each child’s age. Alerts are sent to the parent if a child has been viewing questionable content. Parents can also set curfews and screen time limits to disable the device during certain hours like homework time or bedtime.

6. Dash


The thin, minimalist Dash travel wallet secretly carries your most important documents when you travel. Three compartments hold your IDs, credit cards, boarding passes, currency, and passport. Made for travelers who are tired of the awkward fanny pack, the Dash wallet is discreet. It fits into the front or back pocket of pants, or even a shirt pocket. Dash weighs less than one ounce and is made from durable, eco-synthetic leather.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a common debit and credit card payment method. Unfortunately, it is also a popular way to electronically pickpocket and can be a threat to travelers. The Dash wallets are made with RFID-blocking material and come with a two-year warranty — though they should last your whole life.
These exciting and ambitious products still have time to make it to development if they are fully funded, though many prototypes won’t be created until late 2016. Visit their fundraising pages and contribute to their goals to get first dibs and special perks. In the meantime, find the perfect security system to keep you and your family safe.

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