The Benefits of DIY Home Security Installation

Written by | Updated May 20, 2013

When trying to decide which security system company to go with, one of the basic things you must decide is whether you’d prefer professional installation or do-it-yourself installation. One of the main benefits of DIY installation is that you save time and money—you don’t have to pay an installer and you don’t have to wait around for one. Overall, customer service reviews do not show any difference in effectiveness between professional or DIY installation systems. So, it’s really just a personal preference. Below, we’ve broken down the benefits of all the major security companies that offer DIY installation.


· Get free basic security system with 36-month contract

· You own the equipment

· 100% wireless

· Offers guidance over the phone when you install

· Life and environmental safety monitoring included

· Best customer service ratings in industry

· Offers light, small appliance, thermostat, and lock control

· Security cameras available

· 30-day risk-free trial period


· You own the equipment

· Very inexpensive monthly monitoring fee

· 100% wireless

· No contract

· Buy new or refurbished equipment (at cheaper price)

· 60-day money back guarantee

· Text messages and email alerts available

Protect America

· Choose from landline, broadband, or cellular monitoring

· Free basic security system equipment, plus 2 keychain remotes

· Free Lifetime Replacement Parts Warranty

· Offers GPS tracking

· Text and email alerts available


· Free wireless security tablet to use anywhere in home

· Free basic security system equipment

· Choose from broadband or cellular monitoring

· Text and email alerts available

· Offers security cameras

DIY installation may sound intimidating to some, but current technology makes it easy. All the security systems are wireless, so “installing” is just a fancy word for sticking sensors around your abode—no wires or tools necessary. If you run into any hiccups along the way, you can simply call your company’s customer service for help. For more information on DIY installation, see our resource page: Professional vs. DIY Installation. If you have had any positive or negative experiences with DIY installation security companies, please share in the comments!

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