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Written by | Updated July 25, 2019

Researching security equipment can be daunting. Different security companies use different security equipment, and many companies get their equipment from more than one manufacturer, so it becomes a bit muddled. The features, design, and the ease with which you can use the equipment may vary, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the most reliable home security equipment producers. We’ve pored over reviews and gotten all the gritty details on these manufacturers so you don’t have to. Here’s our list:



GE is generally regarded as a high-tech and reliable manufacturer of home security equipment with little complaints from customers. Customers say it’s easy to use and upgrade your system in the future. What’s more, GE not only talks a big game, but they back up their word with a 2-year equipment warranty. If anything goes wrong with your equipment in the first 24 months of use, GE will repair or replace your equipment free of charge. Some of the high-tech features that GE offers includes a touchscreen control panel, two-way voice, and equipment that allows you to remotely control your lights, thermostat, door locks, and small appliances from your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Check GE pricing on Amazon



2GIG is well-known as a cutting-edge security system equipment manufacturer that does not skimp on the bells or whistles. Its famous Go! Control Panel is consistently hailed as one of the most intuitive, well-designed, and feature-packed control panels available, featuring an LCD touchscreen as standard. It also showcases large panic buttons in case you don’t want to mess with the touchscreen at all. Generally, customers agree that this equipment is made to be as customer-friendly and easy-to-use as possible. The company offers everything in the latest in home automation with friendly interfaces for controlling your lights, thermostat, door locks, and small appliances from any web-enabled device. Check 2gig pricing on Amazon



Honeywell is a trusted equipment manufacturer that has been around for the past 75 years, so they know a thing or two about the world of home security. The equipment manufacturer offers both wired and wireless tried-and-true security system equipment, and continually improves its technology, thanks to a team of over 300 engineers. With the latest technology, Honeywell offers high quality touchscreen keypads that allow you to view pictures and video straight from your control panel. You can also login from an online dashboard, where you can view your security system’s history and status. Check Honeywell pricing on Amazon



DSC, or Digital Security Controls, is a world leader in electronic security. Founded in 1979, the company has been a pioneer in new security technologies, such as smaller keypads and micro-processor based alarm panels. DSC has built a reputation for supplying equipment that’s reliable, durable, and high quality. The company’s newest control panels feature easy-to-read touchscreen interfaces that allow you to customize wallpapers and easily see your alarm system status. Check DCS pricing on Amazon

All the companies listed above have proven themselves as industry leaders for security system equipment. If you’re interested in more information on the types of security systems available, read our resource on How to Choose a Security System or The Beginner’s Guide to Motion Sensors. If you have any personal experiences with any of the above equipment manufacturers (or others), we’d love your input in the comments!

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  • David Rosen

    I don’t recommend that you install a DSC system. These systems are highly technical and difficult for homeowners to manage. Problems generally have to be handled by technicians. This is OK as long as you have a monitoring contract with a company. Service calls may or may not cost money. If however your monitoring company goes out of business (as happened to me) your system will likely become completely useless since there will be an installer code that your company had without which you cannot resolve problems (even if you have the technical ability to figure out what to do). Without this code even an independent technician wouldn’t be able to fix the system.