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Written by | Updated July 1, 2013

Among all the big names in home security, some of the little guys don’t get talked about as often. However, some of the smaller companies are able to offer deals and services that bigger companies can’t. Take SimpliSafe, which prides itself on a unique business model and can keep its costs low because it doesn’t staff any salespeople. SimpliSafe may have a smaller share of the market, but it has some very satisfied customers. Here’s why.

100% Wireless

SimpliSafe’s equipment and monitoring is 100% wireless. That means you can easily set up your system equipment, with no wires or tools necessary. In addition, wireless monitoring means that your system contacts the monitoring center through a cellular uplink, so bad guys can’t disable your system by cutting a wire. You just need a reliable cellular signal at your home.

Equipment Ownership

You own the equipment, which means you can move it around your house whenever you want—no installer necessary. If you move to another home or apartment, you simply take your equipment with you—no worrying about moving fees, buying new equipment, or paying transfer fees. This makes SimpliSafe especially friendly to renters or apartment dwellers.

No Contract

One of the biggest perks of SimpliSafe is that there’s no contract. When it comes to security system companies, one of the most common customer complaints is that it’s difficult to get out of a contract. With SimpliSafe, you can cancel anytime—no strings attached.


All security systems come with a 60-day trial period. If you’re not happy with your system, return it within 60 days for a full refund. All systems and accessories also come with three-year warranty from the time of purchase. If anything goes awry, SimpliSafe will correct the problem or send you new equipment.

Low Monitoring Fee

SimpliSafe has some of the lowest monitoring fees in the industry, starting at $14.99 a month for basic monitoring. For $19.99 a month, you can get monitoring with email and text message notifications, and for $24.99 a month you also get remote access from a smartphone, plus you can set custom notifications.

Online Community

Just like with any other company, you can call customer support, but SimpliSafe also makes it easy to contact them in other ways. If you don’t want to get on the phone, you can jump on SimpliSafe’s user forum for answers to questions, or you can communicate with SimpliSafe professionals on Facebook or Twitter, where the company has thousands of enthusiastic fans.

If you’re interested in a security system, but you’re skeptical of the big companies, then SimpliSafe may be just the fit for you. Because it comes with a 60-day trial period and no contract, it doesn’t involve the commitment that some other security companies have. For more information about SimpliSafe’s packages, pricing, and features, visit their SafeWise page. If you’ve used SimpliSafe, or if you have questions, please let us know in the comments!

Written by Hillary Johnston

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