Top-Notch Home Security Products to Protect Your Family

Written by | Updated October 14, 2014

Your family’s safety is always a high priority and you can invest in several home security products that help reduce the risk of theft and damage to your property. Taking some time to determine what areas of the home need to be more secure and comparing features can help you create a cohesive home alarm system.

Door and Window Sensors

Door and window sensors connected to a monitored alarm system can be effective for detecting intruders. Variations may include shatter sensors that set off the alarm when a window breaks and sliding door sensors that trigger the alarm when the sliding door is left open.

Motion Detectors

Setting up motion detectors around entryways and inside the home can increase security of your property. Motion detectors are connected to security alarms and can be programmed to work at certain times of the day, or activated while traveling with the family. These typically come with arming and disarming remotes for more control.

Keypad Deadbolts

If you’re concerned about losing keys or worried that somebody may have copied a set of keys, consider installing keypad deadbolts that require entering a code on the electronic keypad before the lock can work. These may come with override keys and can be programmed with one-time user codes for guests or housekeeping staff.

Vivint’s Smart Home Security System

Keep tabs on the security of your home with a smartphone app that gives you access to different parts of your home alarm system wirelessly. Vivint’s Smart Home Security System is powered by Vivint Sky which lets you monitor and control different rooms on the web or from your personalized panel. You can set up text message notifications to alert you of smoke detector activity and use motion detection settings to activate a camera to record anyone that enters the house.

Video Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance cameras can be very valuable for monitoring larger indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you live in a gated community or in an easily-accessible location, consider installing video surveillance cameras around the property so that you can ward off trespassers and burglars.

Wireless Home Protection System

Installing a wireless home protection system means you can set up adjustable alarm modes for different zones or areas of the home. This can be very valuable for large families with young children that are left unattended to play or sleep for a few hours in the day. You can program the alarm to trigger when the window sensors in a room are activated, or when the system senses movement in a particular doorway. A customizable system can make it easier to maintain a high level of security in your home.

Key Fob for the Car

Keyless entry systems make it easier to lock and unlock your car without having to use actual keys and are also designed with a panic button that triggers the car alarm upon activation. A key fob designed with sensors that can detect the presence of the owner and key fobs with a dome light or small bulb can increase your family’s safety when traveling

Take some time to consider the different areas of your home that may need extra protection from intruders and trespassers before putting together a home security budget. Compare features of these core home alarm products so that you can customize a solution that helps protect your family and possessions with the highest level of security.

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